Carmelights Inter School Sports Meet 2023
“Dream, Dream, Dream…, Dream transforms into thoughts and thoughts result into actions.”

On October 30, 2023, a momentous day unfolded in the history of Carmel Jnana Education Trust. The long-cherished dream of uniting all the branches of Carmel Jnana Education Trust finally became a reality. Mount Carmel School, Kadaganchi, proudly hosted the inaugural CarmeLights Inter School Sports 2023 event on its premises. The venue was meticulously prepared, with tracks laid out and accommodations ready to welcome students and staff from various units.

Participants, accompanied by their respective correspondents, principals, and teachers, arrived at the venue on October 29, 2023. The journey began with Mount Carmel, Ramnagar, and was followed by units from Shivamogga, Hoovinahadagali, and Belur. An evening dinner was arranged at the school venue, and everyone retired in anticipation of the exciting events on the following day. MCS Mira Road joined the event on the following day.

The "D Day" began at 7:00 a.m. with breakfast, and at 7:30 a.m., participants received instructions about the day's events. At 9:00 a.m., the school band, led by Pooja, the head girl, escorted dignitaries to the dais.

The day's festivities began with a prayer dance by students from MCS, Kadaganchi, followed by a warm welcome by Fr. Deepak, the correspondent of MCS Kadaganchi, and a welcome dance. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves presided over the event. Mr Binoy Raphael, Managing Director of SIFT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, graced the event as the Chief Guest, alongside Mr Bhusan Thakur, Founder Chairman of Sports Media, Chairman of GODSPIN, and Editor in Chief of Sports, and Mr. Rayappa Reddy, Former DDPI of DIET Bellary, as the Guests of Honor. Rev. Fr. Alphonse Britto, Provincial Councillor for Spirituality, and Rev. Fr. Joseph Praveen, Parish Priest of The Mother of Divine Grace Cathedral, Kalaburagi, were the special guest of honors.

Mr Bhusan lit the Olympic Torch and passed it on to the sports captain of MCS Kadaganchi, who, in turn, shared it with sports captains from other units. This symbolic moment culminated in the ignition of the CarmeLights 2023 Sports Light. The March Past, led by the MCS Kadaganchi Band, and the Guard of Honor received by the President followed.

Fr. Sunil Rodrigues, the Correspondent of MCS, Shivamogga, introduced the dignitaries, adorning them with shawls, flowers, fruits, and mementos. Mr. Bhusan was the first to be felicitated, and he delivered an inspiring address, followed by speeches from Mr. Rayappa Reddy, Mr. Binoy, and other distinguished guests.

In his presidential address, Fr. Archibald Gonsalves emphasized the pursuit of excellence, both in life and on the field, motivating all athletes to strive for greatness. He also extended recognition to Fr. Joachim Rodrigues, Councillor in charge of Social and School apostolate, and the Local Organizers, Fr. Deepak Thomas, Fr. Sandeep Goveas, and Fr. Naveen Lobo.

Following the presidential address, Mr Binoy Raphael inaugurated the website of MCS Kadaganchi ( and its Mobile App. Mr. Rayappa Reddy administered the Oath Ceremony for all the sports personnel, and the Sports Meet was officially declared open by President Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, with the release of doves by Fr. Praveen and Mr. Binoy Raphel, the Chief Guest. The stage program concluded with the school anthem, and the MCS Kadaganchi School band performed a retreat ceremony.

The CarmeLights Inter School Sports Meet 2023 featured three events: Kho-Kho for boys and girls of STD 6 and 7, Throwball for boys and girls of STD 8 and 9, and Chess for STD 5 up to 9. All games were categorized by class, with matches played in leagues, leading to semifinals and finals.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Fr. Nelson Pinto, the driving force behind the success of the entire program. The Local Organizing Committee reached out to Fr. Nelson to assist in coordinating this event. He graciously arrived at the venue four days prior to the event and, leveraging his expertise, meticulously planned the entire program, including detailed event schedules. With the invaluable support of both the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of MCS Kadaganchi, he flawlessly executed the entire event.

CarmeLights Inter School Sports Meet 2023 - Award Winners
- Boys
1. MCS Kadaganchi
2. MCS Ramnagar
3. MCS Hoovinhadagali

- Girls

1. MCS Hoovinhadagali
2. MCS Kadaganchi
3. MCS Ramnagar

- Boys

1. MCS Mira Road
2. MCS Hoovinhadagali
3. MCS Ramnagar

- Girls
1. MCS Belur
2. MCS Hoovinhadagali
3. MCS Mira Road

- Boys

1. MCS Mira Road – Arnav
2. MCS Mira Road – Chinmay
3. MCS Ramnagar – Darshan

- Girls

1. MCS Belur – Vardhini
2. MCS Belur - Supritha
3. MCS Kadaganchi - Aadra Babu

MCS, Mira Road, emerged as the champions of CarmeLight Sports Meet 2023 based on total points earned.

After the final matches, everyone gathered for the award ceremony, presided over by Fr. Joachim Rodrigues, Fr. Alphonse Britto, Mr. Binoy Raphael, Correspondents, and Principals of all units shared the stage. Winners were felicitated, receiving trophies, medals, and certificates. Correspondents, Principals, Referees, and Teachers were also recognized for their significant contributions to the success of the CarmeLight 2023 Inter School Sports Meet. Ms. Kavita served as the host for the prize distribution, and Mr. Jerome delivered the vote of thanks. The Sports Meet concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

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