After two years of absence due to the pandemic, the Congress was even more special with the participation of 92 Secular Carmelites from 8 Communities, of the Secular Discalced Carmelite Order in Karnataka-Goa Province, converged to celebrate the Triennial OCDS Congress at Lar de Santa Terezinha, Margao-Goa, from 10th – 12th November 2023. The theme “Walking in Love” was carefully taken to honour the Jubilee year 2023 of St. Therese, the 150th Birth Anniversary and the Centenary of Beatification.

The Provincial, Rev. Fr. Silvestre D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Alphonse Britto, Provincial Councillor for Spirituality, Rev. Fr. Deep Fernandes, Delegate Provincial to the OCDS, Sebastian Mendes, President OCDS Provincial Council, Laveena D Mello, I Councillor/Secretary, Jessie Pinto, II Councillor and Roy Rodrigues, Provincial Council member, supported by the presidents and spiritual assistants of the host community, Elizabeth Santos and Fr. Lancy Mendonca of Mt. Carmel, and Martha Pereira and Fr. George Santhumayor of St. Therese Communities, together they facilitated the three-day congress programme. Which followed a baptismal Carmelite Vocation to live, nurture and experience the service of LOVE in Community.

Fr Alphonse Britto and other dignitaries marked the opening by lighting of the lamp and singing a hymn to evoke the Holy Spirit. In his inaugural address, he said, to be like salt and light of the world to be true to the call.

Young and dynamic Fr Aaron Babush Rodrigues created a very impressive and electrifying atmosphere to set our hearts on fire, it enhanced the bonding! And very creatively allocated all in fruit-wise groups.

Rev. Fr. Silvestre delivered a talk on Love – the very Spirituality of St. Therese. Walking towards Jesus, he enlightened the OCDS to walk together in love, he highlighted Ch: 12 & 13 of St. Paul, and concluded by saying that the Doctor of the Church, John Paul II, gave her the name Doctor of the Science of Divine Love.

The Spiritual Assistants, Fr. Regan D’Souza and Fr. Oswald Crasta also joined the programme. The Postulancy brothers skit on St. Therese was also one of the centers of attraction.

The Congress was structured around various moments for reflection, mass, divine office, prayer, fraternal communion and Joy of togetherness. The Carmelite Spirituality was discussed as an authentic testimony of our Vocation, addressing our identity as Carmelites belonging to the Order of the Discalced Carmelites. Fr Kiran Lobo presided over the Holy Eucharist on the Concluding day.

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