Retreats at Carmel Hill, Vancouver
March was a bustling month at Little Flower Monastery on Carmel Hill, Vancouver, with a flurry of visitors and retreatants. From March 8th to the 10th, Sister Mary, a dynamic preacher and group animator, led a girls' retreat attended by 75 participants. On March 9th, the RCIA retreat group convened with approximately 23 attendees, and on March 10th, a retreat for the Catechumens from St. Andrew Catholic Church in Vancouver took place.

In addition to the group programs mentioned above, from March 10th to 11th, 17 individuals embarked on personal retreats at the Centre's outhouse on the campus. These personal retreats were overseen by Fr Vincent D’Souza (Superior) and Fr Mario Fernandes, the Centre's Director.

Throughout Lent, numerous pilgrims visited the outdoor Stations of the Cross at Carmel Hill, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. This response is highly rewarding and indicates that over time, more individuals will become acquainted with our Spirituality Centre, continuing to seek spiritual nourishment from this sacred place maintained by our Carmelite Fathers on North Deroche Road, Vancouver.

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