Solo Singing Competition for Postulancy Brothers
On March 10, 2024, a Solo Singing Competition was organized for the Postulancy Brothers at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel OCDs Community Hall. The theme of the competition was "St. Therese: My Inspiration," emphasizing the influence of St. Therese on the lives of the seminarians.

An intriguing aspect of the competition was that each of the 13 Postulancy brothers was required to craft their lyrics and compose music for their performance, showcasing their creativity and talent. This unique requirement added a personal touch to each performance, reflecting individual perspectives on the theme.

The event garnered significant attention from the community, with members from both the Our Lady of Mount Carmel OCDs and St. Therese OCDs communities, along with several teachers, friends, and benefactors, gracing the occasion. The diverse audience added to the supportive atmosphere of the competition and encouraged the Brothers.

A panel of three judges was tasked with evaluating the performances and determining the winners. After careful consideration, the following results were announced:
· First Place: Br. Aiqwin
· Second Place: Br. Melroy
· Third Place: Br. Jostin

Each participant received a certificate of appreciation, acknowledging their effort and contribution to the event's success.

Fr. Nikesh D’Souza, esteemed within the community, honoured the event as the Chief Guest, further enhancing the significance of the competition.

The event not only provided a platform for the brothers to express themselves but also fostered a sense of solidarity and appreciation within the community walking in the footsteps of St Therese.

Congratulations to all the brothers.

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