Grandparents and Senior Citizens Day
On 24th July 2022 Grandparents’ and Senior Citizens Day was celebrated at our Lady of Fatima chapel, Xellim. Fr. Praveen Pinto, Chaplain celebrated mass and gave meaningful homily and gave few instructions how to respect and honour the elders. He also sang a song composed specially for the grandparents. Marshon played music and added flavour for the homily.

The catechism children and catechists prepared lovely cards for the grandparents and senior citizens. Fatima youth distributed roses. The youths personally visited the homes of those grandparents who were sick to distribute cards and roses. The youth also distributed fruit plants for the 100 parishioners. The plants were sponsored by Polem punch Anup. The theme was ‘green concept’ and ‘stop global warming’. The celebration ended with snacks distributed by the confraria community for the entire parishioners.

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