Dental Camp at Mount Carmel School Kadaganchi
On February 19, 2024, a collaborative effort between Sannidhi Social Work Centre, a unit of Carmel Jyothi NGO, and HKE S Nijalingappa Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Kalaburagi, culminated in the organization of a highly beneficial dental camp at Mount Carmel School Kadaganchi. Spearheaded by Doctor Naveen Kharbhari, 17 proficient doctors from S Nijalingappa Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Kalaburagi, conducted the camp, extending their expertise to attendees.

The camp presented a valuable opportunity for students from LKG to 7th standard, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, to undergo comprehensive oral health check-ups and treatments. Commencing with a prayer led by 7th standard students, the event's proceedings were gracefully orchestrated by Sr. Shilpa. Distinguished guests including Fr. William Miranda, the secretary of Carmel Jyothi Charitable Trust, Fr. Deepak Thomas, Correspondent of the MCS Kadaganchi, and Director of Sannidhi Social Welfare Centre Kadaganchi, alongside Dr. Naveen and his proficient team, graced the occasion with their presence. The inauguration of the camp was marked by the symbolic act of watering saplings, signifying growth and well-being, before the doctors commenced their diligent examination of the children's oral health.

The camp proved to be an unequivocal success, with nearly 900 students benefiting from the program's services. This initiative played a pivotal role in fostering oral health awareness and hygiene practices among young children, thus contributing to their overall well-being. It stands as a shining example of collaborative efforts aimed at the betterment of community health and underscores the importance of proactive healthcare initiatives in educational settings.

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