Province Day and Silver Jubilee of Profession @ Sadbhavana
The celebration of the Province Day at Sadbhavana on December 13, 2023, was a joyous occasion that coincided with the Silver Jubilee of the Religious Profession of Frs. Jeevan Tauro, Alphonse Britto, Rovel DíSouza, Ajith Rodrigues and Canute Tauro. The last two were abroad for studies, but were fondly remembered. It was graced by the presence of all the superiors of the Province and the friars from the Bengaluru region. Notably, Fr Rudolf V. DíSouza from Canada was also in attendance, accenting the international solidarity within the fraternity.

The heart of the celebration was the Eucharistic banquet held at 6:00 pm, officiated by the Provincial. Fr Jeevan delivered a moving homily, shedding light on St. Therese's love for her Carmelite vocation and priests.

The liturgy which was beautifully animated by Fr Alphonse Britto and the choir by Fr Richard Menezes, created a spiritual and serene ambience to the celebration. Following the mass, a felicitation ceremony was organized in the quadrangle of Sadbhavana, with Fr Ronald DíSouza serving as the master of ceremony.

Fr Archibald extended a warm welcome to all friars present, setting the tone for the evening. Fr Oswald Crasta raised the toast, tracing salient moments in our history and expressed heartfelt wishes to the jubilarians, highlighting some of their outstanding qualities.

Adding a touch of humour and entertainment to the event, Frs. Joseph DíSouza, Henry Moras, Rudolph Pinto, Rathan Almeida, and Richard Menezes regaled the audience with jokes and light-hearted banter. The festivities included spot games, showcasing the unique actions of some of the friars, and providing entertaining moments for everyone present. The prayer song by Fr Praveen DíSouza and group; and the wishing song by Fr Wilfred Frank and group added colour to the celebration.

Fr Alphonse Britto expressed his gratitude on behalf of all the Jubilarians and Fr Provincial in his speech while congratulating the Jubilarians and also acknowledged the service of all the Councillors, Superiors and members of the Province.

To conclude the memorable day, a sumptuous dinner was served, symbolizing communal joy and fellowship. The meals were prepared under the guidance of Fr John B. Pinto. The celebration fostered the Carmelite spirit and fraternity, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who attended.

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