“Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – Leo Buscaglia

One of the rich heritages of the Monastery of St. Joseph, Mangaluru is Carmel Day. Carmel Day - a day of the brothers, as they earn the spotlight for the day by presenting their talents to the people of the vicinity and also those who come from afar. The stage in front of the talent isn’t just the showcase of the talents of the brothers but is also the witness of how rejuvenated and spirited these young men are to employ their God-given gifts for the greater benefit of society. After a long gap of two years due to Covid-19, the community organized Carmel Day 2022 on 10th December at 5:45 PM. The president of this auspicious event was Rev. Fr George Santhumayor, the Provincial of the Carmelite KG Province and the chief guest was the well-known and noted dramatist Nellu Permannur. The event which spanned for a little over two hours was packed with lots of entertainment. It involved melodious Acapella Singing, a retro-based dance and musical piece encompassing a large assortment of musical instruments. The compeering was also unique and creative. The event also involved speeches from the guests of the evening. Mr. Nellu Permannur was honoured for his contribution to drama and art and he along with the Provincial released a book ‘Discourses on St. Joseph’ – a compendium of various themes on St. Joseph presented by the brothers in the past year. The star event of the evening was the drama based on the tradition Carmel Hill has received over the past three decades. The drama this year was titled “Zalle Bori Zatha” written by Fr. JoCy Siddakatte and directed by Mr. Manish Derebail. The drama spanned over an hour and a half and involved an intricate plot based on the issues of greed over property, etc.

The event received an overwhelming response with over 800 people being present along with nuns and priests from the vicinity and various communities. The event was a grand success and the brothers take the credit for organizing this feat. 16 brothers toiled day after day and also those on stage and backstage equally shared the joy of successfully putting up this event. Thus, the event ended with lots of applause and cheers! Viva Carmel Day!! Kudos to all our Brothers and Friars of Carmel Hill!

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