Superior General’s Fraternal visit to KG Province
Very Rev. Fr. Miguel Márquez Calle, Superior General of the Order landed at Sadbhavana on 10th October 2022 and was warmly welcomed by the community friars of Sadbhavana along with the Cloistered Carmel sisters. At 09-00 am he had a meeting with the Cloistered sisters of our Mount Carmel Federation and in the afternoon he met them individually.

On the 11th of October, he along with Frs. Pius James D’Souza our Definitor and George Santhumayor our Provincial visited Pushpashrama where he had a meeting with the Fathers and Brothers. Later he paid a visit to Dhyanavana and at 12-00 pm had the Mass at the Shrine. After noon, he visited the Spirituality Institute Dhyana Sadhana and the Cloistered Carmel. After which, he travelled to Tapovana, Kushalnagara.

On the 12th of October, he celebrated the mass with the novitiate community friars and began the journey to Asha Deepa, Madanthyar where he met the fathers and brothers in common. Afternoon, he visited the Cloistered Carmel of Mangalore and later visited St Joseph’s Monastery, Carmel Hill, Mangalore. He met with the Carmelite Family of Mangalore from 5-30 pm to 6-30 pm. In the evening, he met both Brothers and Fathers of the community.

On the 13th of October, there was a meeting with the OCDS of Indian Provinces at Carmel Hill and later around 12 pm visited the community of Ryshivana. Afternoon visited St Anne’s convent and at 5-00 pm celebrated the Infant Jesus novena mass at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangalore.

On the 14th of October, the General had a meeting with the Superiors of our Province communities in India, and in the evening celebrated the festal mass of St Teresa of Avila, Patroness of the Province followed by felicitation and festal dinner.

On the 15th of October, Fr General met with the Provincial Council and visited the Cloistered Carmel of Bengaluru. Later at 1-00 pm, he had lunch with the Archbishop of Bangalore and the Rector of St Peter’s Seminary at Sadbhavana. And in the evening, he left for Delhi Province.

Besides this on the 26th of October during his visit to Sadbhavana, he met the Cloistered junior Sisters of our federation who had a month-long course at Sadbhavana. And finally, on his return to Rome, he visited Sadbhavana on 29th November, and on 30th November he celebrated the Holy mass for our friars at Sadbhavana and evening visited the parish community of St John the Baptist, Vijayanagar, and said goodbye to our Province at 12-05 am on December 01, 2022.

The Superior General's fraternal visit was a blessing to our Province, and all the friars and sisters witnessed his simplicity and docility. Despite his hectic schedule, he has made time for our Province's members. The KG Province greatly appreciates his love and concern for our Province, and we continue to pray for him as he guides the Order along the path shown by our Holy Parents.

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