Ruby Jubilee of KG Province & Silver Jubilee of Sadbhavana
On 13th December 2021 was held an extraordinary celebration of the Karnataka Goa Province. The 40th anniversary of the birth of the Province which fell on 12 March 2021 was postponed to this day. Along with the birthday of the Province, we celebrated the silver jubilee of our Sadbhavana foundation. We remembered in a special way all our previous Provincial Superiors namely Frs. Nemesio Alzola, Joseph DíSouza, Gregory DíSouza, Lawrence DíMello, Joe Tauro, Dominic Vas, Archibald Gonsalves, Charles Serrao and Pius James DíSouza. All of them were invited to the unique celebration. We prayed for the repose of Fr Nemesio. Fr Joseph DíSouza was held back because of health reasons. Fr Pius James DíSouza being Definitor had to be present in Rome. All the others along with the present Provincial Rev. Fr George Santhumayor formed a golden chain linking the 40 years of the Karnataka Goa existence into a happy and wholesome unity. This unity was further enhanced by the presence of all the local Superiors of our communities in India who had assembled for their annual meeting. Since the following day 14 December had been assigned for the formators of the Province, many of the formators added to the number of participants in grand solemnity.

The whole assembly gathered together for the Eucharistic celebration at 6-00 pm in honour of St Teresa of Avila, the patroness of the Province with Fr Provincial presiding. Entrusted with the animation of the liturgy was Fr Deep Fernandes; Fr Ronald DíSouza being in charge of the choir with Fr Richard Menezes as the organist. A thought-provoking homily was delivered by Fr Gregory DíSouza and the assembly in unison sang the praises of God thanking the Lord for having accompanied the Province through all its vicissitudes with countless manifestations of His graciousness and love.

The Eucharistic celebration was a thrilling experience, after which a cultural programme was held in the refectory masterfully systematized by Fr Prakash DíCunha. Fr Silvestre DíSouza was selected as the main speaker for the occasion and he brilliantly sketched the role of the Carmelite missionaries in the west coast of Karnataka mentioning how the Carmelites expelled from Goa by the Portuguese took refuge in Sunkeri and were, from there invited to Mumbai in 1720. He also mentioned the Chimbel Carmelites. He spoke of some of the qualities of the KG Province such as fraternality, unity and mutual understanding and acceptance that made him happy to be a member of the Province. Our Definitor General from Rome sent his personal message through a video call expressing his prayerful greetings and best wishes to all assembled. The programme was embellished by a jubilee song composed by Fr Alwyn Sequeira; by a skit full of good humour performed by Frs. Joseph DíSouza, Ammembal, Henry Moras and Wilfred Frank. 40 roses proclaimed from a decorated vase the forty years of the KG Province. In his speech, Fr Provincial emphasised the goodness and graciousness of God and our duty to be thankful not only for the benefactors that God has given us but above all for the beautiful vocations that God has sent us.

A veritable banquet prepared by Frs. Jerald DíSouza and Nelson Pinto were sumptuously laid out for the participants who were accommodated around a circular table spread across the dining hall and seated on chairs that were specially decorated for the occasion. This singular function will surely be an inspiration for all who experienced, strengthening of the bonds of unity and invitation for more cooperation in the building up of each community and of the Province as a whole.

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