"Discern Your Call" Vocation Camp at Carmel Hill
St. Joseph's Monastery organized a pivotal event, the "Come to Carmel Hill to 'Discern Your Call'" vocation camp, targeted at the Mangalore region. Spanning from the 8th of April, starting at 5 PM, until the afternoon of the 10th of April, the camp attracted 50 boys, including students from 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, eager to explore their calling.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Provincial Councillor for Vocation Promotion, alongside the respected Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery, Rev. Fr. Melwin D'Cunha, and Fr. John Pinto, Bursar, along with Regional Vocation Promoters, set an auspicious tone for the event. Throughout the camp, distinguished speakers such as Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Fr. John Sequeira, Fr. Deep Fernandes, and Fr. Michael Morris imparted invaluable insights, infusing the gathering with their vibrant energy and wisdom.

Crucial to the camp's success was the invaluable assistance rendered by Rev. Fr. Ashwin D'Silva and the supportive presence of brothers from Mapusa and Madanthyar, who facilitated a seamless experience for all attendees.

The "Discern Your Call" camp not only provided a platform for introspection and exploration but also fostered a sense of community and solidarity among participants. It served as a platform for nurturing vocations and guiding young minds towards a purposeful path. We pray that these boys may be inspired by the Lord to embrace Carmel in following Jesus.

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