Postulants Explore Rachol Seminary and Utorda Parish
On April 11, 2024, the Postulants along with Fr Lancy Mendonca, the Director of Postulants, embarked on a significant journey to explore the Rachol Seminary, Margao. The seminarian graciously guided the brothers through the rich history of the esteemed institution, sharing its origins, notable alumni, and the spiritual legacy it has imparted over the years.

From there, the Postulants proceeded to the Utorda parish, where they were warmly welcomed by Fr. Arvino Fernandes, who is also noted as a Solfege teacher. It was mentioned that his invitation was both heartfelt and genuine, and the parish reportedly radiated a sense of community and devotion.

The highlight of the visit was the Samudai gathering organized by Fr. Arvino. The brothers actively participated, sharing their personal vocation stories, which reportedly resonated with the audience. The Brothers humbly requested everyone's prayers for vocations.

Following the Samudai meeting, Fr. Arvino graciously took them on a few home visits. These intimate encounters allowed them to connect with parishioners, understanding their joys, struggles, and faith journeys.

The climax of the visit was the delightful dinner organized by Fr. Arvino in the parish, where the brothers experienced a sense of solidarity and fellowship.

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