Easter Vigil Celebrated at Pushpashrama
The Easter Vigil Celebration at Pushpashrama commenced with great fervor and reverence at 10:00 PM on March 30, 2024, marking the pinnacle of the Easter Triduum. The solemn occasion was presided over by Fr. Lancy Rajesh Lewis OCD, who led the congregation through the Eucharistic celebration, guiding them through the sacred rituals with grace and solemnity.

A significant moment in the vigil was the blessing of the new fire, symbolizing the light of Christ dispelling darkness and heralding new life. Following this, the Paschal candle, representing Christ as the Light of the World, was solemnly lit and brought into the Church, illuminating the hearts and minds of the faithful. Fr. Ashwath D’Souza OCD, with his melodious voice, sang the Exultet, an ancient hymn of praise celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Fr. Antony Stephen OCD delivered a meaningful homily, urging the congregation to embrace transformation and embody hope in their lives.

The meaningful participation of the devotees contributed to the richness of the Easter Vigil celebration, fostering a sense of unity and communion.

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