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The Discalced Carmelites who maintain this site, were canonically set up as a distinct province of the Order in 1981, on March 12. Flashing back on the most important events that led to this unforgettable date, we recall Msgr. Aloysius Benziger, Swiss-born Carmelite of the Belgian province, thanks to whose untiring zeal and unflagging efforts, the Teresian Carmel opened its doors to the sons of India at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Carmelite missionaries had been working in India since the seventeenth century. There had been even a novitiate and a theology-house in Goa, from where the Discalced proto-martyrs, Blessed Dionysius of the Nativity and Redemptus of the Cross had left for their martyrdom in Sumatra in 1638. But that foundation had not been intended for Indians.

Bishop Benziger conceived the idea of re-founding a Carmelite community in Goa during the third centenary of their martyrdom in 1938. With this in mind, accompanied by Fr. Mary Joseph, the old bishop, after retiring from the see of Quilon, personally visited Goa that year and paved the way for the new foundation in Margao, which was soon realized. The next foundation undertaken by the Flemish province in the Konkan region, was in Mangalore in 1947 around the time of Indian independence. After independence, the activity of foreigners was curtailed and their movements, restricted.

As Indian vocations multiplied, more and more foundations were made, and grouped into "provinces". The Carmelite Tertiaries of Manjummel, founded in the latter half of the nineteenth century, applied for integration into the "first" Order and were granted this in 1957, at a moment when the Mangalore foundation could easily be absorbed into the new unit. But, since Goa continued under the Portuguese till 1961, the Margao monastery remained by itself till in 1964, that community, too, became part of the Manjummel province. The following year – 1965 – saw a new foundation in Mysore.

The process of raising the Karnataka-Goa region into an autonomous province was initiated in 1978, and the unit was first constituted into a General Delegation in 1979.

The Superior General of the Order, Rev. Fr. Philip Sainz de Baranda, then on a pastoral visitation of the Order in India, established the Karnataka-Goa province on 12th March, 1981.


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This province, set up under the patronage of the great St. Teresa of Jesus of Avila, is now represented in many dioceses of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, apart from the communities in Goa. Since 1992, a mission in Tanzania has been entrusted to this province, some of whose members are also serving various countries in the East, West and Middle East.



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