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(St. John of the Cross)

Dear Friends,
The Precautions of St. John of the Cross are a precious treasure for those who wish to live an authentic Christian life and attain perfection of Christian charity within a short period of time. When reading the Precautions, we may feel they are hard and too tough to practice, but the intention of St. John of the Cross was to help the aspirants to experience God in their daily life and be united with Him on a daily basis regardless of the difficulties involved. These are very practical recommendations and are helpful for spiritual direction and discernment. Here I have prepared a short commentary on these precautions, which I presume will be useful for spiritual reading and spiritual growth. These reflections will be uploaded on the Carmelite Website of our Province shortly.

Thanking you,
Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza OCD

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Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre, Edmonton, Canada

St. Raphael Kalinowski
(First Death Centenary:
1897 - 1997)

Carmelite Heritage

Welcome to Sadbhavana : Carmelite Provincialate


Spiritual Programs at Carmel Hill – Little Flower Monastery, Vancouver
The hard work of Fr. Vincent D’Souza, the Superior, and Fr. Mario Fernandes, the Director of the Spirituality Centre, has borne abundant fruits in the recent months following the COVID-19 pause. On May 3rd there were 22 youth came from Blessed Sacrament Parish - Vancouver to make their confirmation retreat for three days and there were at the same time 8 people came for their personal directed retreat. The fathers apart from arranging for their comfortable stay of the retreatants also exerted themselves to be available for the spiritual direction and retreat talks. From May 5th to 9th, 25 members of Carmel Family from Vancouver Archdiocese came for their get together and spent 4 days in engaging themselves in spiritual adventure in the silent atmosphere of Carmel Hill. The friars assisted them through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and spiritual conferences. From May 18th to May 21, approximately 45 people from Christian Groups from the Fraser Valley area gathered at Carmel Hill for their spiritual renewal. They thoroughly enjoyed their spiritual experience at Little Flower Monastery. Members from St. Ann’s Parish, Archdiocese of Vancouver, held a two-day retreat at the centre on May 19th and 20th. Directed by Fr. Mario Fernandes and assisted by Fr. Vincent D’Souza, they were provided with spiritual guidance and comfortable accommodations. For the first time from May 25th to May 26th 36 members of the OPUS DEI congregation gathered at the spirituality centre for their spiritual renewal having conferences on various themes of spirituality. In spite of having a huge spirituality centre of their own at Squamish near Vancouver they opted to come to our spirituality centre at Carmel Hill.

OCDS Community Members' Formation Milestones @ Mapusa
The Secular Discalced Carmelite Community (OCDS) of St. Teresa of Avila, Peddem, Mapusa, Goa, joyfully announced that two of its members have advanced to the Initial Formation Stage 1, while three other members transitioned to Aspirancy on June 9, 2024. Mr. Louis Dsouza and Mrs. Judith Dsouza made their pledges during the 8:15 am Mass at the Carmelite Seminary in Mapusa, Goa. The ceremony was attended by the Provincial of the Karnataka-Goa Province, Rev. Fr. Silvester D’Souza, and the Spiritual Assistant of the Mapusa Community, Rev. Fr. Jason Coutinho OCD, along with other community members. Following their pledges, Provincial vested Mr. and Mrs. Dsouza with the Scapular, symbolizing their commitment. In the same ceremony, the Provincial also welcomed three new Aspirants, Mr. Charles Fernandes, Mrs. Luiza Dsouza, and Mr. Elvino Martins, by presenting them with the Carmelite emblem. The Mass was concelebrated by several priests, including the Provincial Rev. Fr. Silvester Dsouza OCD, Frs. Aaron Babusha, Jason Coutinho, Alvito Fernandes, Don Tony D’Souza, Richard Saldanha, Roshan Monteiro and Vinod Lobo. Additionally, the event was graced by delegates from the Provincial Council, including Mr. Sebastian Mendes, the President, Mr. Roy Rodrigues, the Councillor, and members from the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Community, Lar Margao, led by their President, Mrs. Martha Pereira. After the Mass, all OCDS members and priests gathered in the Seminary Refectory to share their experiences over refreshments, marking the occasion with fellowship and joy.

Welcoming New Members with Joy to Embrace the Call to Serve and Follow the Carmelite Way.
The Canonically established Secular Carmel Community (OCDS) of St. Teresa of Avila, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru-575005, affiliated with St. Joseph’s Monastery at Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru, is pleased to announce that two more members have made their Temporary Promise. Mrs. Susheela Dsouza and Mrs. Gracy Noronha made their Promise on the Feast day of Sacred Heart of Jesus - Friday, the 7th of June 2024 at 4:00 p.m. The concelebrated high Mass was presided over by Rev. Fr. Melvin D’Cunha, OCD, Superior of St. Joseph’s Monastery, Bikarnakatte, along with Rev. Fr.Dominic Vas, OCD, Parish Priest of Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi, and Rev. Fr. Ivan D’Souza, OCD, the Spiritual Assistant of the OCDs community. The Mass was followed by a small gathering in the community hall. Rev. Fr. Melvin D’Cunha, OCD, presided over the function. Also in attendance were Rev. Fr. Ivan D’Souza, OCD, Mrs. Jacintha Lobo, OCDS, President, Dr. Laveena Dmello, OCDS, Provincial Council Secretary, and the newly committed Mrs. Susheela Dsouza and Mrs. Gracy Noronha. The program commenced with a welcome address by Mr. Gracian Dsouza, followed by an introduction of the members by Mrs. Jane Sequeira. Rev. Fr. Ivan D’Souza, OCD, delivered an inspiring message. During the gathering, the new members shared their journeys of being called by God to their vocation, the training they underwent, and the support they received from other community members. Rev. Fr. Melvin D’Cunha, OCD, gave the presidential address, appreciating the members' zeal to join the OCDS and their dedication to following Mother Mary and the Carmelite Saints. Mrs. Lucy Pais gave the vote of thanks, and the entire event was compered by Mrs. Mary Rebello.

Inauguration of the Academic Year 2024-25 and Lectio Brevis at Pushpashrama
The inauguration of the academic year 2024-25 at the Pushpashrama Institute of Philosophy and Religion was held on Saturday, June 1, 2024. The event began with a solemn inaugural Eucharistic celebration, presided over by Rev. Fr Silvestre D’Souza OCD, the Provincial Superior of the Karnataka Goa Province. In his homily, Fr. Provincial emphasized the significance of walking in humility with God, setting a reflective tone for the academic year. The formal inaugural program commenced at 11:00 AM. Fr Oswald Crasta OCD, the Rector, extended a warm welcome to the gathering. Following this, Fr Wilfred Rodrigues OCD, the Dean, presented the annual report, providing an overview of the institute's achievements and progress over the past year. The students added a musical touch to the ceremony with a well-received chorus. A highlight of the event was the Lectio Brevis, delivered by Dr V N Sheshagiri Rao, a retired Professor and Chairman of the Department of Studies and Research in Philosophy at Manasa Gangotri, University of Mysore. His presentation on "The God of Christianity and Dvaita Vedanta '' offered profound insights into the comparative study of these philosophical traditions. The program also included the release of the students’ wall magazine, ‘Cosmos,’ by Fr. Provincial. In his presidential address, he underscored the importance of philosophizing as a crucial aspect of intellectual and spiritual growth. The event concluded on a high note with the Pushpashrama anthem, leaving the attendees inspired and ready for the new academic year.

A Day of Double Joy at Tapovana
On May 26, 2024, the Tapovana community gathered to celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, a day marked by both religious significance and joyous events. This year, the community had a special reason to rejoice in a twofold manner. Firstly, the celebration honored Fr. Siltan Noronha, who had recently been ordained as a priest on May 10, 2024. Fr. Noronha had served as a Deacon at Tapovana for several months, endearing himself to the community with his dedication and service. On this special day, he returned to Tapovana to celebrate his first thanksgiving Mass. The novitiate community warmly congratulated and felicitated him, expressing their joy and support for his new journey in the priesthood. Following the Mass, the community took the opportunity to extend their heartfelt wishes to Fr. Silvestre D’Souza, the Provincial, on the feast of the Holy Trinity, a day that holds special significance for him due to his religious name. In a gesture of shared joy and gratitude, both Fr. Siltan Noronha and Fr. Silvestre D’Souza participated in a cake-cutting ceremony. The novices added to the celebratory atmosphere with a melodious song, wishing both priests God’s blessings and continued grace. The festivities concluded with a monastic meal. The Tapovana community extends its heartfelt wishes to Fr. Siltan Noronha, praying for God's blessings as he continues his priestly ministry in the garden of Carmel. They also wish Fr. Silvestre D’Souza a blessed feast of the Holy Trinity.

Victims of Love: Six Brothers' Solemn Profession in Carmel
May 22, 2024, a Wednesday, marked a day of celebration and rejoicing as six brothers—Pranay Pereira, Alwin D’Souza, Elston Monteiro, Stin George, Loy Jackson Crasta, and Hilary Rodrigues—made their Solemn Profession, thereby perpetually embracing the life of Carmel. Inspired by the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, they chose the poignant theme “To be little victims of Love” for their sacred commitment. The solemn Eucharistic celebration began at 3:30 PM, presided over by Rev. Fr. Silvestre D’Souza, Provincial Superior, accompanied by 46 priests from various province communities and the diocesan clergy. In his homily, Fr. Provincial highlighted the lives of Carmelite saints, emphasizing their deep connection with God’s love. He invited the brothers to be true “victims of God’s love” in their daily lives as Carmelites, echoing the spirit of self-surrender and devotion. The liturgy was animated by Br. Prithesh Crasta, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of the occasion. Adding a melodious spiritual flavour to the celebration was the Carmel Choir, whose harmonious singing uplifted the entire ceremony. Following the Mass, a short felicitation was organized. Fr. Babush Rodrigues skillfully compered the program, while Fr. Deep Fernandes offered a heartfelt toast, acknowledging the unique talents and qualities of each brother, as well as the immense sacrifice of their parents in offering their sons to the Carmelite life. Fr. Provincial extended his blessings and best wishes to the newly professed brothers.

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Distribution of Scholarships to children of Visually Impaired parents
Bengaluru, May 11: A Carmelite NGO, Dhyana Jyothi Trust, stepped in to make a small but considerate impact in the lives of the children of thirty Visually Impaired parents that depicted a noble purpose of Love and Charity. Under the banner, 'Carmel Vision for the Future,’ scholarships of approximately Rs 7 Lakhs were provided for these children on 11th May 2024 at KROSS, Bengaluru. Fr Ivan D'souza, the Director of the Trust in his message, remarked at the Milestone of completing the Tenth Year of Service in this Scholarship Programme. He said that Education to children especially to those of visually impaired parents is a Carmelite Venture. Though the parents are blind, they have a great desire to brighten the lives of their children. Carmelite priests have taken up this unique initiative with the help of the donors and benefactors.” Also, Nelly Prichardo, coordinator of ‘Carmel Vision for Future’ said, “Parents are not only blind, they are also poor. Hence, they cannot afford to educate their children. On the contrary, children are highly talented and fare very well in their studies. Hence, we feel it is our responsibility to lend them a helping hand.” The parents of these kids suffer from total or partial blindness and thus struggle to earn a living. While they find it extremely difficult to educate their children, the children in turn lack the support they need financially, in spite of their excellent performance in Academics. Therefore, Dhyana Jyothi, a Charitable Trust by the Carmelite priests which also takes up printing of Religious and Social Literature counts on its generous Benefactors and Sponsors who manifest their Generosity by being a light in the path of the future of these children.

Inauguration of Carmel Garments Unit at Kadaganchi
Carmel Garments, the Kadaganchi unit of Carmel Garments Jagalur, experienced a momentous occasion on May 14, 2024, as it was grandly inaugurated. Reverend Fr. Stany Lobo, Vicar General of Gulbarga Diocese, graced the event, marking a significant milestone for the community. The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by Fr. Deepak Thomas, followed by Fr. Sundeep Goveas honouring Fr. Stany with a shawl. Fr. William Miranda further embellished the ceremony by presenting a flower bouquet, symbolizing the flourishing of this new endeavour. Following the cutting of the ceremonial ribbons by Fr. Stany and the bestowing of blessings upon the center, Carmel Garments Kadaganchi was officially inaugurated. The event was attended not only by esteemed clergy but also by the dedicated staff of Mount Carmel Kadaganchi and the women from the village.

"Divine Calling: Fourth Carmelite Ordained to Priesthood in Karwar Diocese"
On May 10, 2024, a momentous occasion unfolded at St. Anthony's Church, Mundkani, Honnavar, as Bishop Duming Dias of the Diocese of Karwar presided over the ordination of a fourth Carmelite deacon, Siltan Noronha OCD, to the priesthood. The ceremony radiated joy, attended by a gathering of 70 priests, comprising Carmelites, Diocesan members, and other religious, alongside a multitude of witnesses from the parish and friends’ circle. In his reflections on the profound significance of priesthood, Bishop emphasized its divine mandate, stating, "God sends a priest to proclaim the Gospel, sanctify his people, and continue the mission of mercy, being a man of God and the Church." He further elucidated the essence of priesthood, highlighting the divine calling, anointing, and commissioning that underpin a priest's sacred duties. Drawing parallels to the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ, the bishop underscored the priest's role as a steward of this divine legacy. Echoing the bishop's sentiments, Fr. Silvestre D'Souza, Provincial Superior of the Carmelites, expressed gratitude for the bishop's presence and underscored the enduring bond between the Diocese of Karwar and the Carmelites. He extended heartfelt congratulations to the bishop, who recently marked the completion of one month since his episcopal ordination. Additionally, he thanked Fr. Siltan's parents, acknowledging their pivotal role in nurturing his vocation.

Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre Prepares for Inauguration: A Sneak Peek Inside
May 08, 2024: Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre is on the tip of its grand inauguration, heralding a new chapter in spiritual enrichment and community engagement. As anticipation builds, the first glimpses of the interior furnishing unveil a space poised to inspire and nurture the soul. Mr. Aman, the supervisor of the construction, recently led the friars on a comprehensive tour of the premises, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design that defines the Centre's ambiance. With 95% of the construction completed, every corner reflects a labour of love and devotion. As the final touches are put in place, Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre stands ready to embrace its role as a bastion of solace and enlightenment in the community.

Love has chosen me as a Holocaust… Five Novices Embrace Their Sacred Journey to Carmel with First Profession"
Five novices, Brs Brayan V. Lobo, Clavin D'souza, Daniel Mathias, Mark Murali, and Rheyan Fernandes, embarked on their sacred journey into Carmel by making their first religious profession at Tapovana in Kushalnagar on May 1, 2024. The concelebrated Holy Mass was presided over by Rev. Fr. Silvestre Dsouza, the Provincial Superior of Karnataka Goa, together with the Provincial Councillors, forty priests from Carmelite and other religious congregations, and diocesan clergy. The profound moment of their simple profession was witnessed by numerous religious women, family members, well-wishers of Tapovana, and the lay faithful from the Parish of Kushalnagar. In his homily, the Provincial invited the novices to abide in the love of Jesus and to remain faithful to the steadfast love they have professed. The liturgy was animated by Fr. Antony Stephen, and the felicitation program was conducted by Deacon Siltan Noronha. The melodious choir was led by thirteen postulants who had just embarked on their novitiate on April 30, the previous day. Fr. Provincial extended his congratulations to the newly professed brothers and expressed gratitude to their parents for entrusting their sons to the Order and the Church. Fr. Joseph D'souza extended his thanks to all present for their participation. Finally, all attendees were invited to share in the agape meal, marking the culmination of a joyous celebration.

Magnificat - Seeking Mary's intercession
On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, a special prayer service was held under the banner of Magnificat to seek divine blessings for the upcoming General Elections of 2024 at the Infant Jesus Shrine in Bikarnakatte-Mangaluru. The service was organized to pray for Mary's intercession and to seek the blessings of the Lord for the entire election process, the second phase of which will be held on Friday. The service commenced with the meaningful recitation of the Rosary. Following the Rosary, there was Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the Holy Eucharist was also celebrated. Fr. Clifford Rodrigues OCD, a newly ordained priest from the Asha Deepa Monastery in Madanthyar, led the entire service. A moderate crowd of faithful gathered for the service, filled with hope and faith that their prayers would be answered. Intense prayers were also offered for the future of our country. Overall, it was a meaningful and inspiring event that brought people together to seek divine guidance and blessings for the nation. In addition to the prayer service, the Shrine has made sincere efforts to raise awareness about the nationwide elections. Posters and videos have been prepared regarding the General Elections 2024, reminding the faithful that participating in the elections is a noble deed and essential to safeguarding the future of our nation.

"Trifecta of Celebration: Triple Birthdays Spark Joy at Sadbhavana"
On April 22, 2024, Sadbhavana witnessed a day filled with joy and celebration as the community, alongside the friars of the Bengaluru region, came together to commemorate the Birthday and ordination day of Fr Silvestre D’Souza, the Provincial, and anticipated birthdays of Frs. Vijaya Kumar and Melwin Lasrado. The day commenced with a solemn Eucharist at 7:00 am, with the Provincial presiding over the ceremony. Fr Archibald Gonsalves delivered a poignant homily, setting the tone for the day's festivities. Later in the evening, at 7:30 pm, the celebration continued with a prayer service led by Frs. Vinod Lobo and Melwin Lasrado. This was followed by a brief felicitation ceremony held at the dining hall. Fr Prakash D’Cunha adeptly compered the event, while Fr Joachim Rodrigues raised a heartfelt toast. Speaking on behalf of the birthday celebrants, Fr Provincial shared words of gratitude and appreciation. The gathering was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Fr Pius James D’Souza, Definitor General, Provincial Councillors, as well as Frs. Charles Serrao and Wilfred Rodrigues from Pushpashrama; Fr George Santhumayor from Margao; and Fr Naveen Lobo from Kadaganchi. Following the formal proceedings, all the friars partook in a splendid birthday dinner prepared by Fr Henry Moras. This birthday celebration served as an opportunity to express appreciation for the selfless services rendered by the Provincial to the Province. As the celebrations drew to a close, heartfelt wishes were extended to Fr Silvestre D’Souza and the other birthday celebrants. May they continue to be blessed with peace, joy, and happiness in the years to come.

Student Retreat at Carmel Hill, Vancouver
From April 11th to 14th, Carmel Hill - Little Flower Monastery hosted a three-day retreat for 151 students, marking a significant success in fostering spiritual growth and community bonding. The retreat, meticulously managed by Fr. Vincent and Fr. Mario ensured that the needs of the participants were promptly addressed. The success of the retreat is a reflection of the sacrifices and relentless efforts of the entire team of Fathers at Carmel Hill. Their selfless service and commitment to nurturing the spiritual development of the students have left an indelible mark on all who attended. It is through their guidance and support that the retreat blossomed into a transformative journey for the students, leaving them inspired and rejuvenated. As we reflect on the triumph of the student retreat at Carmel Hill - Little Flower Monastery, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the team of Fathers for their exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to the spiritual welfare of the participants. Their dedication serves as a beacon of light, guiding future generations towards a deeper understanding of faith and community.

Revitalizing Faith: Reflections on the New Evangelization Retreat at Little Flower Monastery
From April 16 to 29, 2024, Little Flower Monastery on Carmel Hill, Canada hosted a three-day retreat on New Evangelization for lay people from the Vancouver Archdiocese. With 60 participants in attendance, the retreat offered a deeply enriching spiritual experience. Fr. Vincent Superior and Director Fr. Mario Fernandes deserves appreciation for their contributions towards the success of the retreat. Little Flower Monastery is increasingly recognized among Catholics in the Archdiocese as a leading and accessible retreat centre. Participants were captivated by the serene green surroundings, embraced by majestic mountains and outdoor Stations of the Cross. The atmosphere provided a conducive environment for reflection and prayer, fostering spiritual growth. Attendees greatly appreciated the opportunity to immerse themselves in the retreat's offerings, taking full advantage of the facilities provided by the Discalced Carmelites. This retreat served as a testament to the monastery's commitment to spiritual enrichment, empowering participants to deepen their faith and share their experiences within their communities.

Fancy Dress Competition for Postulants
The Fancy Dress Competition was held on the evening of April 14th at the Carmelite Monastery Hall, providing an opportunity for the Postulancy Brothers to showcase their creativity and performance skills. The event aimed to encourage self-expression and teamwork among the participants. The competition allowed the Postulancy Brothers to select any topic for their fancy dress performance. They were evaluated by three external judges based on the following criteria:
• Costume • Makeup • Theme Adherence • Expression and Gestures • Novelty/Creativity • Overall Impact
The event witnessed a significant turnout, with members of the OCDs, teachers, friends, well-wishers, benefactors, and children attending to support and enjoy the performances of the Postulancy Brothers.


Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre, Edmonton, Canada
Herewith we enclose the latest photos showcasing the progress of the Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre. These images reflect that approximately 95% of the construction work has been successfully completed. As we approach the inauguration date, it's encouraging to witness the substantial advancement in the project. Please review the photos at your earliest convenience and whisper a prayer.

"Discern Your Call" Vocation Camp at Carmel Hill
St. Joseph's Monastery organized a pivotal event, the "Come to Carmel Hill to 'Discern Your Call'" vocation camp, targeted at the Mangalore region. Spanning from the 8th of April, starting at 5 PM, until the afternoon of the 10th of April, the camp attracted 50 boys, including students from 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, eager to explore their calling. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Provincial Councillor for Vocation Promotion, alongside the respected Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery, Rev. Fr. Melwin D'Cunha, and Fr. John Pinto, Bursar, along with Regional Vocation Promoters, set an auspicious tone for the event. Throughout the camp, distinguished speakers such as Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Fr. John Sequeira, Fr. Deep Fernandes, and Fr. Michael Morris imparted invaluable insights, infusing the gathering with their vibrant energy and wisdom. Crucial to the camp's success was the invaluable assistance rendered by Rev. Fr. Ashwin D'Silva and the supportive presence of brothers from Mapusa and Madanthyar, who facilitated a seamless experience for all attendees. The "Discern Your Call" camp not only provided a platform for introspection and exploration but also fostered a sense of community and solidarity among participants. It served as a platform for nurturing vocations and guiding young minds towards a purposeful path. We pray that these boys may be inspired by the Lord to embrace Carmel in following Jesus.

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This website was launched in 2006 during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Karnataka-Goa Province of the Discalced Carmelite Order.

The ancient Carmelites founded in the thirteenth century were reformed in the sixteenth by two great doctors of the church, Saints Teresa and John of the Cross. These spiritual geniuses, while re-enforcing the contemplative dimension of the Carmelites, inserted a decidedly apostolic thrust into their spirituality, with special emphasis on the missions.

During the seventeenth century, we find Carmelite missionaries in several pockets along the west coast of the Indian sub-continent : Surat, Diu, Goa, Verapoly. In the eighteenth, Carmelites were appointed vicars apostolic of "the Great Mogul" and Verapoly. They are invited to attend to the pastoral needs of the Catholics in Mumbai. In the nineteenth century, the sees of Mangalore and Quilon were entrusted to the sons of St. Teresa.

Finally, in the twentieth century, the Discalced Carmelites opened their doors to Indian natives, who would henceforth draw more freely from the rich spiritual treasures of Sts. Teresa, John of the Cross, and other Carmelite interreters of the Good News of Jesus.

As Indian vocations multiplied, more and more foundations were made, and grouped into "provinces". Today among more than thirty provinces world-wide, there are five Indian provinces . One of these is the Karnataka-Goa province.

The aim of this web-site is, primarily to acquaint readers with Carmelite history and tradition; to share the spiritual insights of the great Carmelite saints and also give glimpses of the life within the province to all our associates. Articles of topical interest have also been included.



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Jubilees and Important dates in 2023

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Rev. Fr. Silvestre D'Souza
Provincial Superior

Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves
I Councillor

Rev. Fr. Alphonse Britto
II Councillor

Rev. Fr. Prakash D'Cunha
III Councillor

Fr Joachim Rodrigues
IV Councillor

Rev. Fr.  Vinod Lobo
Provincial Secretary


Highlights of 2022

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We invite you to begin the day with poetic reflections on the day's Gospel composed by our Friar,

Rev. Fr. Paul D'Souza, OCD
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Dear Friends,
Here I send you the link to my KINDLE BOOKS LIBRARY. You are welcome download books and read them and recommend them to your friends who are interested in Carmelite Spirituality. These books are cheap and affordable and some of them can be read free of charge if you are a member in Amazon online Kindle books. These books uploaded on AMAZON kindle version can be accessed through smart phones, IPad, Computers and other electronic devices globally in all the 5 continents. This is actually the new trend in publishing books as the hard copy of the books is practically becoming obsolete especially in Europe and Americas. Hence, this is a new venture in publishing books.
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by Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD,
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The following homilies have been preached by Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Parish Priest at Guardian Angels Church, Vancouver Canada.The first three homilies are of his Lenten mission reflections in the parish.

The remaining are Sunday homilies which will be regularly uploaded. All our friends and well-wishers are most welcome to benefit from these reflections.

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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
Day 6B: Love
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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