“You are the Daughter of Zion, the Ark of the Covenant and the new Eve. You are the honor; you are the glory of our people, Virgin Mother Mary”.

The day to which all the Catholics look forward to finally arrived! After nine days of intense preparation and offering flowers to Infant Mary, we on 8th of September celebrated with great joy and jubilation the nativity of our dear Mother Mary. The mass was celebrated at 6:45 am with Fr. Lawrence D’ Mello as the main celebrant. The new corn was blessed and the euphoria of the day was initiated. Meanwhile, the Fathers and the brothers involved themselves in various committees of cooking, decorating and of prayer service to celebrate this family feast. The refectory was decorated by floral artists with banana shoots, mango leaves and colorful flowers surrounding the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Chefs and cooks busied themselves in the kitchen to prepare mouth watering dishes like Patrade, Sanna, Alu dente and other vegetarian dishes that counted over 43 in number. At the same time, during the family meal the dramatists and stage actors put a beautiful skit on how the presence of prayer and love can bind a broken family. Intercessory prayers were prayed in different languages and the new corn was added in the milk by Fr. Rector and distributed to all. The meal was savored by everyone along with the domestic staff.

In the evening at 6:30, after offering of flowers to Mary near her Grotto, solemn mass was held which was presided over by Fr. Oswald. He preached a meaningful homily on the nativity of Mary and elaborated the significance of Mary and her titles as foreseen in the Old Testament. The seraphic choir and the liturgy were conducted by children who with their innocent voices added zest to the celebration. After the mass, cake and sugarcane was distributed to the people who with great joy returned to their nests, once again whispering, “Happy Birthday Mamma Mary!

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