Golden Jubilee of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish - London Ontario
On September 11 St. Andrew the Apostle church, London Ontario, Canada, celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Parish. St. Andrew the Apostle church was established in 1966. Through the generosity of Joseph Fallon who donated the land in memory of his deceased wife Alice Fallon, we are grateful to have St. Andrew’s Church to worship in. The parish was named St. Andrew the Apostle in recognition of many years of service to the Diocese by Monsignor Andrew P. Mahoney as the rector of St. Peter’s seminary and Vicar General of the Diocese. Before the mass, there was a small power point presentation on all the priests who served the parish.

The solemn thanksgiving Eucharist was presided over by Most Rev. Joseph Dabrowski CSMA, the auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese. Fr. Joseph Hardy was the first associate pastor 1970-72, later in the same year he became the parish administrator for couple of months, Fr. Steve, the rector of the seminary, who was also the associate pastor from 1982 – 1992, Fr. Ranjan OCD, the pastor of St. Dominic parish, Oakville, Hamilton, the pastor from 2010- 2016 and Fr. Jaison Tellis OCD, the present pastor of the parish, together with Deacon Guy Alden, the Permeant Deacon of the parish concelebrated the Eucharist.

The Auxiliary Bishop Highlighted the 2 phases of the parish growth, under the diocesans till 1993, later under the Carmelites from 1993 till today, appreciated and thanked every family for the growth of the faith and holiness and the development that has taken place in the parish. Fr. Jaison Tellis OCD, honored Bishop and all the priests and thanked them for their service towards the growth of the parish. Deacon Guy Alden who served the parish till today bid farewell to St. Andrews Community as he was transferred to the new parish, was honored for his services. Lots of people, who worked for the success of the jubilee and all the benefactors, were remembered. After the mass the reception was organized at the hall for all the people. The Bishop thanked everyone for their service and encouraged to keep the faith alive and vibrant.

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