Monthi fest –Titular feast celebrated at Bajjodi, Infant Mary church.
08, September 2015.
The Monthi fest celebration commenced with a procession from the Opus Spiritus Sancti convent to the Infant Mary church, Bajjodi at 8 Am. All the faithful, especially children took part in it with great enthusiasm having basketful of flowers to be offered to Mamma Mary.

Rev. Fr. Shabas Crasta, presided over the Eucharist along with the Fr. Deep Fernandes, Fr. Christopher SJ, and Fr. Jocy D’souza. Rev. Fr. Jocy D’ Souza preached the inspiring homily saying, “ ‘Monthi fest’ - a feast that is close to the heart of all Christians of Canara (Mangaluru) has a special role to play in every christian’s life; every feast has a hidden message, an incident to recall; on this feast we commemorate the immaculate birth of Mary along with the celebration of the family bond; let us never ever sacrifice ‘our family’ for anyone or for anything; and let us prepare our children for the future – this was the message of mamma Mary revealed at one of her apparitions”

At the end of the service the ‘Firjenth’ and all ‘mud’dom’ givers were honored with a blessed candle. ‘Bajjodicho Kurov’ – the new parish bulletin was released by Rev. Fr. Shabas Crasta, Parish Priest. He thanked the editorial team for realizing the dream of having a parish bulletin. He wished a very happy feast to all the faithful who were present and prayed good health and peace of mind to those who are abroad. After the blessing elders of the families received new corn and children were extremely happy having received sugarcanes.

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