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The Secular Carmel – History and Report

Spiritual perfection is not only the task or duty of religious priests and nuns but is also offered to the Christian faithful: “You must be perfect just as your Father in Heaven is perfect” (Mt 5: 48). Vatican II in its document “Light of the Nations” teaches that all the Christian believers according to their vocation and their state of life have the duty to tend to the perfection of love for God and neighbour and to make their contribution in the respective fields of their profession to the advancement of Humanity.

For many centuries the great religious Orders-Franciscans, Augustinians, Dominicans, and Carmelites- offered opportunities to the Christian families and associations in the neighborhood of their convent and monasteries of partaking and sharing in the spirituality and charism of their own respective Order. These lay persons who while remaining seculars and following secular professions share in the charism of religious Orders were known as Tertiaries.

The Foundation of the Carmelite Tertiaries, which was also called “Third Order,” is attributed to Blessed John Soreth, the Superior General of the Carmelites in 1455. Today the Third or “Secular” Order of Carmel has spread in many countries all over the world. The Secular Carmel has nearly 12,000 members worldwide and 800 being Indians.

Conditions for Membership:
One must have a vocation to Carmel. Vocation to Carmel is a personal call from God. One is required to live as a Carmelite not only during the meetings, but in one’s daily life. Carmel is a lifestyle.
Therefore, aspirants for membership in the Secular Carmel are expected to know and practice their catholic faith as far as possible. Their families should be models of Christian Family living. They should regularly frequent the sacraments and fulfill their religious duties.

Since devotion to Mary, Mother of God has always been a special feature of Carmelites Spirituality, Secular Carmelites are expected to cultivate filial devotion to Mary, wearing Her scapular trustfully and invoking Her through the recitation of Rosary.

The Carmelite Saints, Teresa of Jesus, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux popularly known as the Little Flower are three great guides in the spiritual life. They have all been declared Doctors of the Church. Reading their writings and imbibing their spirituality, Secular Carmelites will enable themselves by God’s grace to grow in faith and love. Thus they will be able to overcome the materialism that is invading all sectors of society.

In this way the members of the Secular Carmel will be able to keep faithfully the promises they make after completing their formation.

Formation in Carmel Family:
Applicants above 18 years of age are expected to undergo an initial one-year period known as the aspirancy. The aspirancy is for the careful discernment by the community council and the aspirant of the vocation to Carmel, before acceptance as a candidate in formation. At the end of the aspirancy, the candidate undergoes the first two years of formation before making their First Promise. The candidate continues for another three years of formation and upon successful completion, and diligent discernment of the vocation by the candidate and the community council throughout the formation years, they may be admitted to the Definitive Profession of the three Evangelical Counsels in accordance with their state of life.

Secular Carmel in our Province

Delegate Provincial :
Fr. Deep Fernandes OCD



• Koteshwar - Infant Jesus Community: Fr. Alwyn Sequeira OCD
• Kushalnagar - Prophet Elijah’S Community: Fr. John Baptist Pinto OCD
• Mangaluru, Bajjodi - Infant Mary Community: Fr. Ivan Robert D’Souza
• Mangaluru, Bikarnakatte - St Teresa of Avila Community: Fr. Rudolph Pinto OCD
• Margao - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community: Fr. Jeevan Tauro OCD
• Margao – St Therese of the Child Jesus Community: Fr. Silvestre D’Souza
• Matadakeri, Honnavar: Fr. Suresh Saldanha OCD
• Mira Road (English) - St Elizabeth of the Trinity Community: Fr. Lawrence D’Cunha OCD
• Mira Road (Konkani) - St Joseph’s Community: Fr. Lawrence D’Cunha OCD
• Mysuru (Pushpashrama) - Little Flower Community: Fr. Richard Menezes OCD
• Vijayanagar: Fr. Wilfred Frank OCD


• Gorwa, Gujarath: Fr. Kaushik Parmar OCD
• Londa: Fr. Wilson Tauro OCD
• Mandanthyar: Fr Elias D’Souza OCD
• Mangaluru, Kankanady: Fr. Lancy Mendonca OCD
• Mangaluru, Ranipura (Ryshivana): Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues OCD
• Mapusa: Fr. Macson Dabre OCD
• Mysore, Bogadi: Fr. Alphonse Britto OCD
• Rajodi: Fr. John Pinto (Arwa) OCD
• Talegaon / Pune: Fr. Diogo Proenca OCD
• Xellim: Fr. Praveen Pinto OCD

Delegate Provincial (Canada Region):
Fr. Jerald D’ Souza OCD

Local Communities and Spiritual Assistants

• St. Joseph Community, Calgary: Fr. Roshan D'Souza OCD
• St. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes Group, Coldstream: Fr. Peter Nguyen
• St. John of the Cross Community, North Vancouver: Fr. Cannio Remedio Cardozo OCD
• St. Teresa of Jesus Community, Vancouver: Fr. Victor Fernandes OCD
• St Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face Group: Fr. Mario Fernandes OCD




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