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CKG/XV/10/2024                                                                   Sadbhavana, Bengaluru
Circular, Karnataka-Goa Province                                                  28 March 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Carmel,

We are entering the Easter Triduum today with the celebration of Holy Thursday. Jesus, having loved His own who were in the world, loved them to the end. Knowing that He came from the Father and was going to the Father, keen that those who loved Him might have a memorial of Him, invented not merely a static photograph, not merely a moving video, not merely a passing live television show, but a double perpetually moving memorial: the Priesthood and the Eucharist. They are closely and intimately connected to each other. In the words of Pope (St) John Paul II: “There can be no Eucharist without the Priesthood, just as there can be no Priesthood without the Eucharist” (cf. Gift and Mystery, On the fiftieth anniversary of my Priestly Ordination, New York, 1996, pp 77-78).

Dear Fathers, filled with holy joy that we have been called to share in the priesthood of Christ, let us first of all thank the Lord for giving us the gift of the priesthood. Let us ask the Lord to make us instruments of His infinite mercy towards the world. Let us constantly recall the injunction: “Be holy.” We should be other Christs. As Christ gave Himself for us, we are invited to give ourselves for our Brothers and Sisters.

During these days, as we are meditating on the passion and death of Our Lord, a scene from the Passion of the Christ comes to my mind: Our Lady on hands and knees, inching forward over the stones of the courtyard of the scourging, applying a cloth to soak up her Son’s Blood, pooled in hollows and crevices. That Precious Blood — a single drop of which, cried St Thomas Aquinas in his hymn Adoro te devote, would have sufficed to save the entire world from every evil.

O Loving Pelican, Lord Jesus,
Cleanse me, a sinner, with your blood,
One drop of which can save the whole world
From every sin.

But He poured out all his blood for us. He did not hold anything back. At the Eucharist, we feed on His Body and His Blood.

In this background, I would like to remind you of a very particular and special form of self-donation that has been mentioned in our recent Provincial Chapter, namely, organ donation. It may be insignificant compared to the self-donation of martyrdom or religious consecration. However, there are persons for whom organ donation may involve real sacrifice. All I can say is that our Province encourages organ donation as a form of charity towards needy people. Please refer to the attachment for relevant information. Let us also not forget that donating blood whenever it is possible, can save lives.

Yesterday, our pioneering missionary, Fr Walter Lobo was called to his eternal reward. He laboured for 17 years in Tanzania and till now people especially in Irambo, Igoma and Uyole (Archdiocese of Mbeya) fondly refer to him as “Water Lobo,” for executing giant irrigation projects that brought relief to the parched villages. Last December he completed 51 years of his priesthood and how eventful they have all been! He has left a blazing trail for us to follow. I invite you to Mangaluru on Monday, 1st April 2024, when we lay him to rest and pray fervently for his soul. May he be blessed with the fullness of everlasting life and joy, obtained by Jesus through His death and resurrection.

Wishing you all the blessings and graces of these Sacred Days, I remain,

Your Brother in Carmel,

Fr Silvestre D’Souza OCD
Provincial Superior



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