1) The abbreviation PV stands for “Pastoral Visitation” by the Provincial
2) The dates marked in green are tentative and yet to be confirmed)


April 30 – May 14 Pastoral Visitation of Canada Region
by Rev. Fr. Johannes Gorantla
05 Golden Jubilee (Religious Profession) of Br. Baptist Rodrigues
08 – 11 Elections in Pune Carmel
17 Solemn Professions, Mangaluru
22 – 24 Fraternal visit of our friars in Denver by Rev. Fr. Johannes Gorantla
Priestly Ordinations

01 Inauguration and Lectio Brevis, Pushpashrama, Mysuru
Pushpashrama Board of Administration Meeting, Mysuru
02 Inauguration of Initiation Course, Mapusa
02 Meeting of Vocation Promoters (Goa Region), Mapusa
03 Inauguration of Postulancy, Margao, Goa
07-08 OCDS Provincial Council meeting and finalization of the
Provincial Statutes, Sadbhavana
08 Meeting of Vocation Promoters (Karnataka), Mangaluru
14 Diaconate at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte (3.30 p.m.)
23 Meeting of Vocation Promoters (Maharashtra and Gujarat),
Mira Road, Mumbai
24-25 Election of the new OCDS Prov. Council, Sadbhavana
26-27 Provincial Council, Sadbhavana
28 Dhyanavana Publication Board Meeting, Sadbhavana
29-30 Meeting of Correspondents and Principals of Schools, Sadbhavana
30 Inauguration of Dhyanavana Diploma Course, Mysuru

July 2 – Aug. 30 Pastoral Visitation of Karnataka-Goa Province
by Rev. Fr. Johannes Gorantla
07 Temporary Promises by the OCDS in Bajjodi, Mangaluru
21 Inauguration of Certificate Course, Dhyana Sadhana, Bogadi

02 – 04 KRCR Annual Assembly at Nirjhari (Carmelaram), Bengaluru
04 Inauguration of Certificate Course, Ryshivana, Ranipura
28 Provincial Council (with Definitor General)
29 Plenary Council
30 Meeting of Superiors (Formation Communities) & Formators, Sadbhavana
31 Provincial Council

01-02 Regional gathering of OCDS (English) at Dhyanashrama, Rajodi
10 Infant Jesus Shrine Commission Meeting, Mangaluru
16-21 Province Retreat at Divine Springs, Xellim, Goa - Batch I
(Preached by Fr John Sequeira OCD)
28 Meeting of Social Work Committee, Jagalur, IPCI Meeting

04 Provincial Council
05-06 Meeting of all Local Superiors, Sadbhavana, Bengaluru
07 Provincial Council
08 – 11 Elections in Raipur Carmel
13 Vestition of Postulants, Tapovana, Kushalnagar
14 First Profession of Novices, Tapovana, Kushalnagar
18-23 Province Retreat at Divine Springs, Xellim, Goa – Batch II
(Preached by Fr Benjamin Elias OCD)
25-30 Province Retreat at Ryshivana, Ranipura – Batch III
(Preached by Fr Benjamin Elias OCD)