"Divine Calling: Fourth Carmelite Ordained to Priesthood in Karwar Diocese"
On May 10, 2024, a momentous occasion unfolded at St. Anthony's Church, Mundkani, Honnavar, as Bishop Duming Dias of the Diocese of Karwar presided over the ordination of a fourth Carmelite deacon, Siltan Noronha OCD, to the priesthood. The ceremony radiated joy, attended by a gathering of 70 priests, comprising Carmelites, Diocesan members, and other religious, alongside a multitude of witnesses from the parish and friends’ circle. In his reflections on the profound significance of priesthood, Bishop emphasized its divine mandate, stating, "God sends a priest to proclaim the Gospel, sanctify his people, and continue the mission of mercy, being a man of God and the Church." He further elucidated the essence of priesthood, highlighting the divine calling, anointing, and commissioning that underpin a priest's sacred duties. Drawing parallels to the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ, the bishop underscored the priest's role as a steward of this divine legacy.

Echoing the bishop's sentiments, Fr. Silvestre D'Souza, Provincial Superior of the Carmelites, expressed gratitude for the bishop's presence and underscored the enduring bond between the Diocese of Karwar and the Carmelites. He extended heartfelt congratulations to the bishop, who recently marked the completion of one month since his episcopal ordination. Additionally, he thanked Fr. Siltan's parents, acknowledging their pivotal role in nurturing his vocation.

Fr. Antony Barnabas Monis conducted the Ordination liturgy with great enthusiasm, while Fr. Juje D’Souza served as the compère for the felicitation program. Fr. Deep Fernandes extended a warm welcome to all attendees, and Fr. Rudolph Pinto proposed a toast, wishing the newly ordained priest all the best for his future endeavors.

As Fr. Siltan Noronha embarks on his journey as a Carmelite priest, let us join in prayer, invoking God's abundant blessings and grace upon his ministry.

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