Scholarships to children of differently-abled
Bengaluru: Dhyana Jyothi Trust, a Carmelite NGO run by the Carmelite Fathers, distributed scholarships to the children of visually impaired parents under the banner 'Carmel Vision for Future' in Bengaluru. Children of twenty visually impaired parents were provided scholarships here on Thursday May 16, 2019.

Addressing the audience, Rev Fr Charles Serrao, OCD, the Provincial Superior of the Carmelites of Karnataka – Goa Province said, “Physical blindness is a sad reality of human life. But if one is determined in life, he or she can make his or her life filled with light and life for themselves and for others. Education is one of such means to eradicate the blindness of ignorance which will brighten one’s life and future.”

Many of the parents of the beneficiaries are good at playing piano and leading prayer service.

While appreciating the desire of the parents who are blind, to educate their children he called upon the beneficiaries to study hard and actualize the dream of their parents.

Fr Stifan Perera OCD, director of the Trust and Dhanavana Publications Bengaluru said, “Education to the children especially to the parents of blind is a Carmelite venture in Bengaluru. Though the parents are blind, they have a great desire to educate their children. Carmelite priests have taken up this unique initiative with the help of the donors and benefactors.”

Nelly Pichardo, coordinator of ‘Carmel Vision for Future’ said, “Parents are not only blind, they are also poor. Hence, they cannot afford to educate their children. On the contrary, children are highly talented and fare very well in their studies. Hence, we feel it is our responsibility to lend them a helping hand.”
Some of the parents are totally blind while some are partially blind. While it is difficult to earn their daily bread itself, they find it very hard to educate their children.

Dhyna Jyothi Trust, is a charitable trust by the Carmelite priests. Alongside charitable works, the trust takes up printing religious and social literature.

Dhyana Jyothi Trust launched ‘Vision for Future’ in the year 2014. It is a project that strives to educate the children of the visually impaired parents who believe that education in various forms and timely assistance to their children can empower them. The beneficiaries have been selected after verification that they have no other regular means of support.

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