Retreat House cum parish in South Africa
The Carmel Retreat House at South Africa is now also a Virtual Parish! The Archbishop of Johannesburg, Rt. Rev. Dr Buti Tlhagale has given the permission to the Carmelite Fathers to work as virtual parish at the Retreat House. Now we can have Sunday Mass, administer all the sacraments and keep our own parish record for the Baptism and Marriage. This indeed is one of the important mile stones in the South African Mission of our province. Fr Arvin Tauro, the Director of the Carmelite Retreat House will also be in charge of the Virtual Parish.

In February 2016, Rev. Fr Charles Serrao, the Provincial, while on his Pastoral visit to the Friars, visited the Archbishop of Johannesburg. The Archbishop Tlhagale praised the services done by the Carmelite Fathers. He praised the selfless service of Fr Peter Rebello and Fr Boniface D’souza to the Archdiocese and to the people at their respective parishes. He said, “Frs Peter and Boniface have transformed their parishes physically and spiritually. They are a wonderful gift to the Archdiocese.” We can also recall here, Fr Boniface through his writings, especially by producing books on catechism has contributed to the faith formation of the people. The Archdiocese uses his books as text books for the catechism of children.

Fr Arvin has already begun the Sunday and weekday masses at the retreat house and there is a good response from the people. He also has conducted a few retreats for the people and we can see a steady growth at the Retreat House.

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