“Your love for one another should prove to the world that you are my disciples”

The day of the establishment of the three of the greatest principles ever laid by God is the day of Maundy Thursday. Priesthood, Service and Eucharist the very tenets that build Christianity were commemorated at our shrine of Infant Jesus in the presence of the huge galore of people. The initiation to the Triduum of the holiest event of our faith was celebrated with a solemn mass at 6: 30 PM. The mass was presided by the rector of Pushpashrama and preached meaningfully by Fr. Joy Francis. The significant event of washing of the feet was carried out very meaningfully and after the communion rite was over, the holy sacrament was taken to the repose altar. After this followed adoration in which the faithful participated and reflected on the agony of Jesus, assisted by the prayerful support of the OCDS members and the brothers of Pushpashrama who conducted the adoration. After the mass, bread was distributed to the people, who receiving it went silently to their homes, respecting the significance of the coming events of the holy week.

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