Lectio Brevis - Pushpashrama

June 1st was the chosen day for the Lectio Brevis 2019 of the Pushpashrama Institute of Philosophy and religion. ‘Devotion to the Lord is the supreme wisdom’ was the choice theme of the year’s Lectio Brevis. Therefore to commence the year with the grace of the Lord Almighty, holy mass was celebrated at 9:00 am in the shrine. Fr. Provincial presided the Eucharist along with 13 concelebrants who joined from the neighboring communities. He preached a meaningful homily which emphasized the practicality of the wisdom that we gain in our studies. The creative facets were seen in the liturgy as brothers put up a small enactment before the mass and also symbolically offered gifts in the form of boats which sailed in the ocean of God’s mercy and love.

After the mass, photos of different batches were taken respectively. The Institute is indeed blessed and proud to have 36 scholastics studying under its roof in which 15 form the first year batch (includes 6 Norbetines, 3 from Andhra Pradesh Province, 5 from KG Province and one from Tamil Nadu Province), 5 the second year and 16 the third year. Following this was the Lectio Brevis of which Fr. Provincial was the president. The event was beautifully compered by the brothers and the lamp was lit by the dignitaries. The gathering was welcomed by Fr. Rector and the Lectio Brevis was presented by Fr. Jaison Vadakkan OFM (Cap), PhD from the Calvary Philosophical College, Thrissur where he is currently serving as the dean of studies. The topic was the ‘Exclusion of Sudras from the Bhasyas of Shankara’. It was presented methodically and succinctly by him which prompted the fathers and brothers to ask questions as they were dawned to the knowledge of something new.

After this, ‘Cosmos’ – the annual magazine which compiles the works of scholastics in the form of prose, poetry and paintings was released by Fr. Provincial and Fr. Jaison. Fr. Provincial then delivered the presidential address and after this followed a joke enactment, dance by the brothers and the report by the Dean of Studies Fr Pradeep Pinto. Br. Richard thanked the gathering after which the institute anthem was sung by the brothers which brought an end to the event.

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