Pushpashrama - LECTIO BREVIS 2018-19

‘Inheritance of wisdom is the inheritance of honor’

Pushpashrama Institute of Philosophy and Religion being one of the springs that quenches the thirst of those who seek wisdom, organized the Lectio Brevis 2018-19 on the first of June. The Holy mass was held at 9:00 am to grace this event. Fr. Pius James D’ Souza, the Vice Provincial of the KG Province celebrated the holy mass along with the company of several Carmelite priests from the neighboring communities. Fr. Pius preached a very meaningful homily and counseled the students to love and follow Lady Wisdom ‘Sophia’ and not Lady Folly. Brothers with their smooth voices filled the Shrine with wonderful church music. Photographs of respective batches along with the Community fathers were taken. The official stage function followed the Holy mass, wherein Dr. Ivan D’Souza, a diocesan priest from Mangalore was the keynote speaker. The Rector of Pushpashrama, Fr. Lawrence welcomed the gathering and led the guests of honor to light the lamp, thus officially inaugurating the academic year 2018-19. A total of 34 students were welcomed to the institute by Fr. Pius James who also spoke few words of wisdom. Dr. Ivan presented his doctoral thesis, ‘Parama Mukhya Vritti (Super primary meaning)’ which was gladly received by all who were present there. Fr. Pradeep presented the report of the previous academic year. Art, poetry and literature flowed out when the compilation of literary and artistic talents of brothers were officially inaugurated through Cosmos – the annual magazine of Pushpashrama. A PowerPoint presentation displayed the activities which took place in the Institute the previous year. After this followed dance, humour and songs which exhibited what the students of Pushpashrama were capable of. The function was brought to an end singing the anthem of the Institute after which followed a sumptuous and fraternal meal.

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