Birthday of Fr. Boniface D'Souza, celebrated by his parish family in South Africa:
June the 5th, on the Feast Day of St. Boniface we the parishioners of St Joseph's Catholic Church Actonville celebrated the 45th birthday of our parish priest Fr. Boniface during the Sunday Mass. Fr. Boniface D’Souza OCD, has been priest in charge at our parish since 2012. Fr Boniface's guidance, commitment and support to the parishioners of St Joseph's Catholic Church, has also revived spiritual activity within the parish and has brought a new meaning to what spirituality should be. He is not only our Parish Priest, but our Shepherd who continuously strives to enlighten his flock about leading exemplary Catholic Morals and Values, in their every-day lives. We, his family in South Africa, were honoured to celebrate his 45th birthday with him and this token of appreciation want to express our gratitude for all that he does in our Parish and Community.
We are grateful to Carmelite Order for sending Fr. Boniface to our parish.

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