Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: In the silence of the cloister, we pray for the crisis in the world : by sr. Marie Therese ocd

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - In a small chapel adorned with flowers, this morning the Carmelite nuns of the monastery of Mumbai celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Mass was presided over by Cardinal Oswald Gracias, archbishop of the city, along with 20 concelebrants. Welcoming the congregation, the bishop thanked the nuns "for their prayers and the grace offered to the Church of Mumbai and India."

"This solemnity - continued the prelate - gives us great joy, for three reasons: we are in the year dedicated to the consecrated life; the centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Avila; Carmel celebrates 50 years of its presence in our archdiocese of Mumbai. " In his homily, Cardinal Gracias said that "Mary's life was centered on 'the Word'. Mary believed, lived, loved and contemplated according to the Word of God. " Inviting the faithful to be "devoted to Our Lady," the cardinal said that "our lives must be centered on the Word, to respond to the call to be disciples of the Word of God." "Mount Carmel - he added - was the place where the one true God was worshiped. This monastery, which celebrates its golden jubilee, is a small Mount Carmel, where we meet God."

On the feast of Carmel, Asia News publishes a reflection of Sister Marie Therese OCD, Prioress of the Monastery of Mumbai.

Way back in 1965, a group of eight nuns, being invited by Cardinal Valerian Gracias of revered memory, established the first cloistered Carmel along Mahakali Road, Andheri East. Their prayerful presence continues in the silence of the cloister.

Called to be true daughters of the Blessed Virgin whose humility and surrender drew down the Word to take flesh within her, they strive to imitate her in her total commitment to God, in humility, selflessness, and above all in her attentive pondering over God’s Word in prayer.

The present crisis in the world seems to stem from unfulfilled desires. Unaware that their deepest hunger and thirst is for God, they look for fulfilment elsewhere binding themselves further by fetters difficult to destroy. Carmel offers an answer – God Alone Suffices. To Be is more important than To Do.

Just as God raised great saints when His church was in tribulation, so does He now. We do not lack young generous and selfless persons who have the capacity and gifts needed to answer His call and take up His challenge to surrender that they may grow, become, and transform into the beautiful ‘Self’ He created. Open our eyes Lord, Open our ears Lord, Open our hearts Lord”.

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