We are born without bringing anything. We die without taking anything. Absolutely nothing!
And the sad thing is that in the interval between life and death, we fight for…
What we did not bring…and what we will not take.

While the above statement is the harsh reality of life, the glimmer of hope is provided for those who live by faith and count on the Divine Providence. We too became the humble beneficiaries of this providence when God awakened the generous hearts of the donors for the construction of the Perpetual Help Nivas – a home for the educators at Kadaganchi, Gulbarga. It is nothing short of the miracle of God, that we received an unsolicited donor family to fund the entire edifice for the educators of our Mount Carmel School Institute. The family consists of Mr. Anand Pinto, Mrs. Meryl (Niece of Fr Walter Lobo) and their three children – Nicole, Daniel and Laura.

On 29th of January 2021, the edifice was officially inaugurated on the occasion of the birthday of Anand’s mom with the Eucharistic celebration at 6:00 pm. Anand’s sister Mrs. Anita D’Souza, Mrs. Whilma and Gerald Lobo (Meryl’s parents), with their niece Rhea represented the families. Nineteen Carmelite priests, along with three diocesan priests and 10 religious’ sisters in the company of our friends and the families of the teachers joined the joyous celebration. The Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr Pius James D’Souza who preached a message on Divine Providence and the varied ways, the Lord channelizes it through. The Liturgy was animated and the Choir was led by Br. Prithesh Crasta and the teachers of our Institute lent their melodious voices for the same.

After the Holy Mass offered for the donors and the birthday celebrant, the next event unfolded – the inauguration of the Perpetual Help Nivas. After the prayer of blessing by Fr. Pius James, the ribbon was cut and door was formally opened by Mrs. Anita in the company of Fr. Provincial, the former provincial Fr. Charles Serrao, Fr. Ligoury Crasta -Superior of the Monastery, Fr. Walter Lobo, his brother and sister-in-law in attendance.

The event was held in the quadrangle which was gorgeously decorated by the teachers with hand craft, who also welcomed the guests with a well synchronized dance. The guests of honour were Rev Fr Pius James, the Provincial, Fr. Charles Serrao, the former provincial, Mrs Anita Pinto, Mr and Mrs Gerald Whilma Lobo, Fr. Walter Lobo, Mr Wasim – the contractor and Mr. Chandrakant Patil, the local leader of the village of Kadaganchi. The guests on the dais were honoured with shawl, garland and souvenir. The provincial specially honoured the benefactor’s family with a special memento. Provincial also felicitated Fr Charles Serrao, former Provincial and Fr Sunil Monis, former superior. At the same Provincial acknowledged the sacrifices of our friars who lived there at the inception of the mission and thanked Fr Archibald Gonsalves who was responsible in the purchase of the land in Kadaganchi. Fr. Ligoury Crasta, presented a well wrapped narration of the development of the ‘Nivas’ and Fr. Provincial thanked the donors profusely, for their courage and trust in God to make such a big sacrifice for the sake of our mission in the service of the educationally less privileged society of our area. Mrs. Anita read out an inspiring message from Anand family and Mr. Gerald too shared a few thoughts. A birthday cake in honour of Anand’s mother was cut by Anita, helped by Whilma (born on 2nd) and Gerry (born on 31st) January. The builder Mr. Wasim Patil and his sight engineers too were honoured. The two pioneer teachers and daily workers were given gifts.

Fr. Walter proposed the vote of thanks, and a sumptuous dinner with multiple delicacies was served, prepared by Fr. Nelson Pinto with the help of Fr. Prakash Tauro and Wilson D’Costa, and set on table by Fr. Sandeep Goveas. Fr. Charles prayed for grace over meals and concluded the function. The event was compered by Br. Prithesh.

The K.G. Province is ever grateful to Laura, Daniel, Nicole, Meryl and Anand Pinto for their kind generosity in helping us to construct the Perpetual Help Nivas. May the Lord bless them abundantly.


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