The Carmelite Monastery of Margao welcomed 8 ex-Carmelites (Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, Mr. Timothy Fernandes, Mr. Salvadore Baptista, Mr. Bruce Fernandes, Mr. Melcome D’Mello, Mr. George Lobo, Mr. Rowen Luis and Mr. Sezvin Fernandes) on the 6th of January 2021. It began with the solemn vespers in the choir. It was followed by a fraternal gathering with the friars, when each one was given an opportunity to share about his life and status. The group has resolved to meet at least once in a year and keep connected through social media to plan further activities or programmes. Fr. Provincial who was present on the occasion, declared that this was one of his happiest moments after being elected to the office and congratulated the community for being the first in the Province to take this initiative which he has promoted from the beginning of the triennium. He also suggested that the group be called “Friends of Carmel.” All those present greatly appreciated the formation they received in Carmel, which helped them to do well in life and recalled some fond memories.

Efforts are on to contact some others. Two from abroad (Mr. John Cardozo and Mr. Tony Fernandes) have already pledged their support and keep in touch with us.


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