“Miracles flow galore, prayers get answered, tears are wiped and happiness flows abundantly when the Infant Jesus smiles on his devotees”

Before the rays of the sun could touch the earth of Mysore, the miraculous rays of graces of Infant Jesus already started flowing in abundance in the Holy Shrine of Infant Jesus in Pushpashrama, when the feast masses started at the dawn of the day. The first mass was in Malayalam, followed by masses in English, Konkani and Tamil. The shrine which was illuminated brightly looked even more radiant with flowers and decorations but the best was the amount of devotees who had gathered in the shrine for each mass. The masses in Malayalam was celebrated by Fr.Jomi Mekkunnel CMI, English mass by Fr. Joe Tauro, Konkani mass by Fr. Wilson D’Costa and Tamil Mass by Fr. John Peter Lazaar. After this, was the holy mass by celebrated preacher Fr. Patrick Johannes Rao from Chikmagalur diocese, who also conducted a spiritual healing session for the devotees. This was followed by the Annasantarpane wherein the devotees satiated their hunger with the delicious food that was served.

Soon after this, the feast geared up to the solemn high mass at 5:00 PM which was celebrated by Msgr. Rayappa accompanied by a large number of concelebrating priests. The mass was initiated with the grand music of the brass band and the procession was led by the flower girls. The mass also included a thought provoking penitential rite and a creative offertory. The choir of the sweetest strains of music was led by the Carmelite brothers with the assistance of Sir Tony. After the grand mass followed the much anticipated and awaited ‘Theru Procession’ during which a beautifully decorated vehicle carrying the image of Infant Jesus was taken in a candle light procession. The grand celebration concluded with the benediction and also at the same time, prayers were made to close the Crusade prayer of forty days.

To bring down the curtains of this wonderful occasion, all the friends, benefactors, neighbors and close ones associated with Pushpashrama were invited to a grand meal at the monastery auditorium. Thus the feast ended on a happy, fraternal and prayerful note! Infant Jesus was surely all smiles looking at a great throng of people loving and honoring Him. May He bless them all!


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