Childrens' Day at Mpandangindo
The Feast of the Holy Innocents on 28th Dec, as usual we celebrated the Children’s Day. The mass was at 8 am, was presided by Fr. Raymond Santhanaz and concelebrated by Fr. Roshan Pinto. Unfortunately it rained heavily and most of the children failed to come. There were around 300 children, if not for rain they would have been more than 500. All the Out-Station managed to represent at least a few of them. Children themselves conducted the liturgy. Since we are in Golden Jubilee Year and Children will be having different competitions during the whole year, we did not have any games as such after the mass. But we divided the children into different groups and the catechists gave them some relevant talks according their groups. Around 11 am they were given soft drink and edibles and allowed them to go home soon.


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