Matunungu was one of the Out Station of St. Martin of Tour Parish, Mpandangindo – Songea. There was a small shed as a church where we used to celebrate mass for the people when we go or where faithful used to gather for Sunday Prayer when priests don’t come. In the course of time this shed was fallen since polls were eaten by white ants. Since people were not able to rebuilt, it went on like that almost for ten years. But recently the parish has decided to help them to rebuild the shed and to give them the privilege of having Sunday Mass one a month. Hence on 3rd of September it was an inaugural mass at Matunungu. Fr. Roshan Pinto, the Parish Priest accompanied by Br. Cyprian Kihwele, Sr. Rosy UMI and some leaders from the parish went to Matunungu to have the reinstating the Out Station of Matunungu. As they arrived the people welcomed the priest and others with traditional songs. First the water was blessed and with the Holy Water the shed and the surroundings were blessed. After the blessing the mass was celebrated and the homily was preached by Br. Cyprian. After the communion the leaders spoke and encouraged the faithful of Matunungu. Around 25 elders and 15 children were present. After the mass simple meal was served to all present by the faithful of Matunungu.

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