Sunday 30th of July, 2017, was a very special day for St. Martin de Tours Parish at Mpandagindo, Songea. It was the First Holy Communion of our children, and speciality was Rev. Fr. Marlon Rodrigues, the Regional Vicar presided over the Eucharistic celebration and gave the Holy Communion. Fr. Marlon arrived Mateka on 28th evening and came to Mpandagindo on 29th evening with two guests from USA, Mr & Mrs. Joe and Sheri, and two of our scholastics, Br. Urban and Br. Cyprian who will be here for almost three months for community experience. The Eucharistic celebration began at 8 am, concelebrated by Frs. Roshan Pinto and Raymond Santhanaz. 52 children received the First Holy Communion from the hands of Rev. Fr. Marlon. After the communion prayer the children were felicitated first by the parents by garlanding them, secondly clothing them by Holy Scapulars by the main celebrant, thirdly with the distribution of the parish calendars by Fr. Raymond and finally congratulations offered by Fr. Roshan, the parish priest. Besides, even the main celebrant and the guests too were felicitated. The President of the main church and also the President of the Parish thanked Fr. Marlon and the guests. After the mass there was the photo session. There followed another short ceremony of the blessing the newly prepared Community Chapel. From the main church the Blessed Eucharist was taken by procession to the newly prepared Chapel by the Main celebrant Fr. Marlon. After arriving to the new Chapel, Fr. Marlon blessed the Chapel and placed the Blessed Sacrament inside the Tabernacle. After that, there was an agape with the Holy Communion children, the priests, guests, sisters and the leaders. The Carmelite Fathers are very much grateful to all the well wishers who were so generous and by whose help the new Chapel came to be realized. They will all be remembered by those who pray in this chapel.


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