Revitalizing Faith: Reflections on the New Evangelization Retreat at Little Flower Monastery
From April 16 to 29, 2024, Little Flower Monastery on Carmel Hill, Canada hosted a three-day retreat on New Evangelization for lay people from the Vancouver Archdiocese. With 60 participants in attendance, the retreat offered a deeply enriching spiritual experience. Fr. Vincent Superior and Director Fr. Mario Fernandes deserves appreciation for their contributions towards the success of the retreat.

Little Flower Monastery is increasingly recognized among Catholics in the Archdiocese as a leading and accessible retreat centre. Participants were captivated by the serene green surroundings, embraced by majestic mountains and outdoor Stations of the Cross. The atmosphere provided a conducive environment for reflection and prayer, fostering spiritual growth.

Attendees greatly appreciated the opportunity to immerse themselves in the retreat's offerings, taking full advantage of the facilities provided by the Discalced Carmelites. This retreat served as a testament to the monastery's commitment to spiritual enrichment, empowering participants to deepen their faith and share their experiences within their communities.

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