Fancy Dress Competition for Postulants
The Fancy Dress Competition was held on the evening of April 14th at the Carmelite Monastery Hall, providing an opportunity for the Postulancy Brothers to showcase their creativity and performance skills. The event aimed to encourage self-expression and teamwork among the participants.

The competition allowed the Postulancy Brothers to select any topic for their fancy dress performance. They were evaluated by three external judges based on the following criteria:
• Costume
• Makeup
• Theme Adherence
• Expression and Gestures
• Novelty/Creativity
• Overall Impact

The event witnessed a significant turnout, with members of the OCDs, teachers, friends, well-wishers, benefactors, and children attending to support and enjoy the performances of the Postulancy Brothers.

After a thorough evaluation by the judges, the following Brothers emerged as the winners of the Fancy Dress Competition:
1st Place: Br. Ashwin
2nd Place: Br. Nihal
3rd Place: Br. Jostin

In conclusion, the Fancy Dress Competition proved to be a successful and entertaining event, allowing the Postulancy Brothers to showcase their talents and creativity.


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