Lord by your cross and resurrection you have set us free!

Our whole Christian faith revolves around this principle of Christís death and resurrection! And this commemoration reaches its peak when we celebrate the Easter Triduum i.e. The Maundy Thursday, the Good Friday and Easter. Therefore to celebrate this paschal mystery of Christ, we the community of Pushpashrama set our best foot forward to bring to this celebration, its immense importance and prominence in our Christian faith.

Having kept the Palm Sunday, we celebrated the feast of our Lordís Supper and priesthood on Maundy Thursday. The mass was held at 6: 30 PM on the day our state exercised its voting rights. The mass was celebrated by Fr. John Lobo and a meaningful homily on priesthood and vitality of Eucharist in our lives was preached by Fr. Augustine Robert. Priests from Dhyanavana also concelebrated in this holy mass. The feet of 12 men were washed commemorating the event of our Lordís washing the feet of the disciples. Bread and wine was distributed to them. After the communion rite, the Eucharist was transferred to the repose altar and thus adoration was held till midnight. The cross and all the statues were covered with violet clothes and the altar was laid bare. The adoration was conducted by the brothers, the OCDS and the nuns of the Holy Cross congregation. Bread was distributed to the people and they departed in silence to their respective homes.

On the following day, the Passion of Christ was enacted by the brothers along with the cooperation of the people at 8: 00 AM. A large crowd congregated for this event and this enactment also moved many people to tears. It also brought out at the same time, the message of how we are crucifying our Lord in our times. After the event, Buttermilk was provided to all the people gathered there. The Good Friday service was held at 5:00 PM. In this grave and sober atmosphere, the homily of Fr. Anil added further depth to the significance of our Lordís crucifixion. The service was led by Fr. Oswald Crasta. The cross was venerated and the communion which was kept in reserve in the repose altar was distributed to the people.

The next day marked the solemnity of the solemnities Ė the Lordís Resurrection. The Easter vigil mass was held at 9: 30 PM in our shrine. Being clad with the solemn vestments, the priests from the community of Pushpashrama and Dhyanavana gathered outside the shrine for the blessing of the fire. The fire was blessed, the paschal candle lit and with the air of festivity, the light of Christ filled the whole church. Fr. John Lobo sang the exultet melodiously and the people joined in response. The mass was celebrated by Fr. Augustine Robert and the homily was preached by Fr. Oswald Crasta very meaningfully. During the Gloria, the scene of Christís resurrection was portrayed beautifully with light and sound in the tomb prepared by the brothers themselves. The holy water was blessed and the brothers along with the fathers renewed their religious vows of Chastity, Poverty, Humility and Obedience. The solemnity was further exuberated by the wonderful choir. Cakes were distributed after the mass and the joy of Jesusí resurrection exemplified when people greeted each other the Easter greetings. The Easter mass was celebrated on Sunday at 8:00 am. Fr. Rovel from Dhyanavana celebrated the mass and preached the homily. Thus Easter 2019 came to an end in a grand note and joy of Christian faith was rekindled!

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