The King of Glory comes, the nation rejoices! Open the gates before Him lift up your voices!

Jubilant was the welcome of the King Jesus who would soon be enthroned on His throne of cross. Commemorating the procession of the Lord to Jerusalem, we initiated the Holy Week by celebrating the Palm Sunday. The palms were blessed at 8:00 am in Dhyanavana and the procession was set forth from the same to our shrine at Pushpashrama. The Holy mass was celebrated by Fr. Joachim Rodrigues along with six con-celebrants. The homily on the suffering of Christ and the application of the same in our lives was preached by Fr. Pradeep. The spirit of this celebration was enhanced by the melodious choir of our brothers. Thus the mass came to an end at 9: 20 am, after which people returned to their homes with palms shaped into crosses and hearts readied for the reception of the paschal mystery of Christ!

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