Hearty Congratulation to Fr. Ajay Nazareth
Fr. Ajay Nazareth defended his thesis for licentiate on the 7th of April, 2016. Gasper Martinez was the moderator for the defence and Carlos Garcia Llata guided his thesis. We are happy to present to you the glimpse of his thesis in his own words.

The friendship of God according to St. Teresa of Jesus in the book of Life.

My thesis begins with the words of Pope Francis to the young people, where he invites the new generation to share the friendship of Jesus through the mass media. He explained that, the proposal the Lord has for all young people is a "true friendship, the friendship we all need. Friends like Jesus" this phrase sounds something like what our St. Teresa said in the sixteenth century: "in these times [...] are required strong friends of God to support the weak" (Life 15.5).

In Today's world, the manner in which most of the people use mass media shows a need or search for something or someone - to share, chat, or just for the need of self-esteem, to be appreciated and respected by others. The desire to know that someone is there who cares for me. But although having such great means of communication, there is a vacuum inside the person with the feeling of being alone.
All these issues moved me into a quest to know: how can we make a friendship with God, whom we cannot see physically, but a God who according to the experience of people listens, responds and is closer to us than we are to ourselves.

I have divided my thesis into two parts. The first part provides an overview of the historical context of St. Teresa’s life at the family, social and religious level concluding with a short note about the book of Life.

The second part of my thesis is more dense with biblical references and the various sciences that deal with the theme of friendship, St. Teresa’s relationship with her friends and her response to God's friendship. I have divided the growth process of her relationship with God in two stages, one before her conversion, which marks a major change in her life and the second her final conversion. Finally, I have finished my reflection with a general conclusion.

Friendship as such is a broad subject and even more in the life of St. Teresa. As it was not possible in my thesis to depict everything that she speaks in her works, I have taken only a few points that seem to me will help to know something of the history of the XVI century in the church, the society and in the very life of the Saint.

Before concluding this short report, I want to thank God and all the people he had placed in my path to conduct this thesis, those who have helped me with their prayers and support. I am aware that this short work does not exhaust even the main aspects of the topic and is far from being perfect and definitive. Therefore I am open to corrections of the wise and learned persons and to gratefully receive all suggestions in order to improve it.


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