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The final day of the triduum of the feast of Infant Jesus, Pushpashrama resonated the message of seeking the ‘signs of holiness’ based on the encyclical of Pope Francis ‘Gaudate et Exultate’. There were three masses on this day; 6: 45 am, by Fr. Pradeep Pinto in English, 5: 30 pm by Fr. Anthony Mani MOC in Tamil and 6: 30 pm by Fr. Maria Xavier in Kannada. A large number of people had gathered for the Kannada mass and the special attraction were the tiny tots who occupied the first benches close to the Lord. This day was also dedicated to the children and thus after the Kannada mass, special prayers were conducted for the well being of the children and their future. All the devotees who had gathered were anointed with the holy oil of Infant Jesus and also Annasantarpane was served to all the faithful. As the feast is fast approaching, we saw the joy in the faces of these people who are preparing themselves to inherit the abundant blessings of Infant Jesus. May the miraculous Infant Jesus bless them abundantly and grant their heart’s desires!
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Infant Jesus Feast @ Pushpashrama : Second Day of the Triduum
January 4, 2019 – Today being the second day of the novena in honour of the feast of Infant Jesus, the devotees of the Infant Jesus were enlightened on the theme “challenges to Holiness”. There were three masses in different languages. Fr. Oswald Crasta celebrated the English mass; Fr Irudaya Raj celebrated the Tamil mass and Fr Dominic Vas celebrated the Kannada mass. All the preachers educated the devotees on the various challenges that come on the path to holiness in line with the document by Pope Francis – “Rejoice and be Glad”. The creative liturgy by the brothers of Pushpashrama and the melodious singing enabled the devotees to raise their hearts and minds to God. Today being the first Friday of the month, Fr Oswald Crasta conducted the adoration with the special prayer service for the sick. After the adoration the devotees were anointed with the holy oil and the food was served to all.
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100 Divine Mercy Groups formed in the Archdiocese
PANCHAVADDI: Carmelite Friars formed 100 Divine Mercy Parish/Chapel Groups in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. The 100th Divine Mercy Group was formed at St. Anthony’s Church, Panchvaddi. This Divine Mercy group will be led by Claudia D'costa-- as Animator, Clara Sequeira (Assistant Animator), Annie Godinho (Secretary) and Succorina D'costa (Assistant Secretary). Fr. Manuel Gomes, Dean of Ponda Deanery presided over the Eucharistic Celebrations. Delivering homily at the Eucharistic celebration Fr. Andrew Mascarenhas appealed the parishioners to strenthen their faith in Jesus thus put whole life in the hands of Jesus. "Give time to Jesus and learn from Him." he opined further. Carmelite Fr. Joseph D’souza and Br. Malvino Alfonso highlighted the real meaning of the devotion. Background of this devotion, ABC of Divine Mercy, Life of Saint Faustina, picture of Divine Mercy, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Mercy of God and our families were some of the themes covered during the process of formation of the group.
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Infant Jesus Feast  @ Pushpashrama : First Day of the Triduum
“Rejoice and be glad – Call to holiness” - this being the theme of the grand feast of Infant Jesus on the 6th of January, the ball was set rolling for the intense spiritual preparation of the same. On the first day of Triduum i.e. on the 3rd of January, mass was held at 5: 00 PM in Tamil, followed by masses in Kannada and English. The new flag was hoisted at 5: 00 PM by Fr. Iruduaya Raj who also celebrated the Tamil Mass. The Kannada mass was celebrated and preached by Fr. Jeevan Tauro OCD and the English mass by Fr. Ashwin D’Silva OCD. The theme that was reflected on this day was ‘Call to Holiness’ – based on the Papal Encyclical “Gaudate et Exultate” by Pope Francis. The faithful who had gathered in large numbers were anointed with the holy oil and food/Annasantarpane was served to everyone after the mass. May the Infant Jesus bless all the devotees and well wishes of our Shrine!

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New Beginning to 2019 @ Pushpashrama
If an act has to be executed, a thanksgiving will surely top the whole deed. Every man is entitled to give thanks to his creator and the final day of the year serves as the best opportunity to do the same. With the hail of Ave Theotokos in the air, the community of Pushpashrama gathered in the shrine at 10: 30 PM with the faithful to adore the Lord, give thanks for His gracious aid in the year 2018 and to beseech his help in the coming year. Followed by the adoration was the solemn mass at 11:00 PM which was celebrated by Fr. Ashwin D’Silva from Dhyana Sadhana, Mysuru. The dual celebration of the dogma of ‘Mary, the Mother of God’ and the New Year attracted a great throng of people who keeping aside the allurements of parties and revelries gathered in the shrine to participate in the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Ashwin’s meaningful and rich homily driven by down-to-earth language moved the gathering to introspect their lives.
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Our brothers studying PUC, celebrated Asha Deepa Day on Dec 30, 2018 at Madanthyar. Mr. Joseph Mathias was the Chief Guest and Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, Provincial Superior, presided over the celebrations. the brothers staged TAKA KON SAMBALTA a Konkani drama written by Clarence Pinto Padil, on that occasion. Well done, brothers and continue to grow and glow!
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Religions are nothing but various expressions of the same face of God.
As it has been the tradition of Pushpashrama for several years, the community organized the Sadbhavana day to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the people of various faiths. Many were invited by the brothers during the house caroling and hence people from different religions and different walks of life came together to join in the celebration. The celebration began with a prayer song by the brothers and lighting of the lamp. As the celebration set rolling, people started pouring in to see the dances and performances of the local youth. A wealth of expressions, talents and emotions were unearthed during this religious fraternity.
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“And Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day...”
The feast every Christian household looks forward to, a day that marks a renewal in Christian life and an occasion that binds all the children of the most high is Christmas. After intense spiritual preparation and completing the humongous tasks of preparing huge Choir bound, Santa themed star and the Crib based on the Ascent of Mount Carmel, the fathers and brothers prepared themselves to celebrate the incarnation of our Lord on the 24th of December at 9: 30 PM in our beautifully illumined Shrine. Melodious carols were sung by the brothers during this time. The mass which began at 10:00 PM was presided over by Fr. Oswald Crasta who preached a meaningful homily based on the symbols we use in Christmas like the star, gifts, tree etc.
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It was a jubilant atmosphere at Xellim on 21st of December 2018 due to the four-fold celebration:
- The Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee of Fr. John Sequeira and his 55th birthday
- The Sacerdotal Ruby Jubilee of Fr. Charles Serrao (Provincial) and
- The inauguration of the New Block of Divine Springs: A Centre for Contemplative Prayer, Youth Animation and Family Life
Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrão, Archbishop-Patriarch of Goa and Daman, said the prayer of blessing and Fr. Provincial inaugurated the new edifice of "Divine Springs," which is a block consisting of 18 self-contained rooms and a Chapel. The Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving followed. At the end there was a short felicitation programme, interspersed by cultural items from the children of St Sebastian’s School, Loliem and St Michael’s convent, Karwar.
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“Remember Christmas isn’t about how big the tree is, or what’s under it. It’s about who’s around it”.
It was a most pleasant day filled with lots of joy and happiness as the MCS organized the Christmas celebration. Children of 3rd STD rocked the stage with their amazing performance on behalf of their specially assembly. A beautiful message was given to all through a stunning tableau, Christmas speech by student, teacher and the correspondent. It was a proud day for us as many parents joined their children in sharing the joy of the birth of Christ. It was a joyous family affair of MCS Belur.
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Christmas Celebration with the DIFFERENTLY ABLED in BANGLAORE
Dhyana Jyothi Trust and Good Sam Foundation jointly organized a Christmas celebration for the differently abled and visually impaired on Dec 16 in Bangalore. The celebration began with the holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. Faustine Lobo, Director of KROSS, Bangalore. In his message, Fr Lobo, spoke about Christ, the Son of God becoming man in order to make the sons and daughters of man, children of God. In the cultural program that followed Immaculate Conception Prayer Group and St Mary’s Basilica, Shivajinagar Choir Group sang the Christmas Carols with angelic voices and Santa distributed Sweets. Fr. Stifan Perera, OCD the Director of Dhyana Jyothi Trust along with the visually impaired family released Carmel Light – Bible Diary for 2019 both in English and Konkani. Later gifts and cash were distributed to the differently abled.
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Dear Friends,
With the Magic of Fr. Mario and Inspiration from Fr. Ivan Sanctis, Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre at Edmonton has become the talk of the Town. More and more people flocking at the centre has invigorated our friars. In 2019 we plan to organize multiple retreats, seminars and contemplative prayer sessions. With the work at the centre progressing and a number of people interested in spirituality is good news to all of us. Fr. Mario and Fr. Ivan arranged a short retreat recently.
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Another step forward in our Kadangachi Mission, Gulbharga
The foundation for a small Chapel was laid and blessed at Kadaganchi by Most Rev. Robert Miranda, Bishop of Gulbharga, Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, our Provincial Superior, Fr. Sunil Monis, the present local Superior, other Carmelite Frairs and a few lay faithful on 5th of December, 2018. We pray for God's abundant blessings on this mission. May it grow and flourish.
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A memorable day for the OCDS, Mira Road.
On 14th December 2018, the Solemnity of St John of the Cross was indeed a day to remember as 5 members took the Definitive Promises, 22 members took Temporary Promises and 11 menbers entered the Novitiate. It all started at 7 pm with a Solemn Eucharistic Celebration by Provincial Delegate, Fr Rovel D’Souza, being the main celebrant alongwith Parish Priest Fr Melvin D’Cunha, Fr Lancy D’Souza and Fr Lawrence D’Cunha, Spiritual Assistants of English and Konkani OCDS and with guest priest Fr Peter as co-celebrants. After the homily the candidates took their promise of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and to live the life of the Beatitudes in the presence of the Celebrants and the Congregation. The candidates were then vested with the Scapulars. The ceremony was meaningful and touching.
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Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre construction site
Dear Friends,
A lot of work is going on within Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre campus - Edmonton. The photos you will find in the album give a glimpse of the levelling of the site. This entire area was a mountain and they have almost levelled it for the construction of the Spirituality Centre. There is a lot of ground work to be completed before the construction starts. Before clearing this mountain, the district ordered to remove a lot of trees. This was a thick forest with huge trees. They were cleared during summer time. As you see snow around, it took almost three months to come to this stage. Well, work may halt within a few weeks from now for winter pause and Christmas time as movement of vehicles and machinery will be very difficult. During winter normal temperature is below zero, at times it can come down to (minus) -40 Celsius. Enjoy the photos.
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Fr. Mario and Fr. Ivan organized a number of retreats at Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre at Edmonton and this centre is getting popular in the Archdiocese. The photos below are of one of such retreats. More albums and photos will follow. In spite of the work at site for the new building of the Centre, a number of people are eager to come to this place of silence and Contemplation. People for now try their best to stay in the wooden cabins until the fully furnished centre is ready. The community members meet from time to time to discuss the ongoing spirituality and retreat programs. There is also a great demand for retreats in the Archdiocesan parishes. Fr. Rudolf recently preached a retreat and he will be giving a series of retreats on Carmelite and Christian Spiritualty at the Centre. The next retreat will be held on February 1-2, 2019 at the centre: Theme - God Experience through the Holy Scripture. The next album will highlight the ongoing the construction site of Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre.
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Children’s Day at Pushpashrama
An anonymous writer once wrote, “The last place you’ll find innocence in the earth will be in children’s faces”.
Children truly are like beautiful flowers who will add charm to any occasion. Our Community of Pushpashrama with great love to the tiny tots, organised a day for these children at our shrine on 19th of the month of November. The mass which was held at 5:30 PM was officiated by Fr. Pradeep Pinto along with other community fathers. The entire liturgy which included symbolic offering to God, thanksgiving prayer and so on was animated by the kids around our shrine at Pushpashrama. The angelic choir was of the children of St. Anne’s boarding which was conducted by our brothers along with the liturgy. Fr. Pradeep’s homily was directed to these children to whom he asked few biblical questions and gifted those who answered right.
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“I Brother so and so..….vow to Almighty God, Chastity, Poverty and Obedience…”: these courageous words resonated in the little oratory of Tapovana, Kushalnagar on 14th November, 2018 and the ancient Carmelite Order inducted TEN more youngsters into its contemplative fold. Almost 200 faithful and around 42 priests concelebrated along with Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, our Provincial who received the vows, while Rev Fr. Arulraj OCD Provincial of Tamil Nadu received the vows of one of his own novice and also delivered an inspiring homily in which he highlighted that there is no Religious Life without personal bond with Jesus Christ, prayer life and community life. ‘To walk in His Footsteps’ was the theme of the Novices that adorned the unique bricked façade of the oratory. While Fr. Anil Prashanth Lobo steered the well planned ceremony, our Pushpashrama philosophy brothers blended their voices in a melodious choir. Tapovana marks 21 years of its presence and serves as Novitiate of Karnataka-Goa Province since 2001. Bendigamos al Senor!
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Carmel grows: OCDS Study Group in Edmonton,Canada
On 10th of November, 2018, 13 candidates were interviewed at Mount carmel spirituality centre at Edmonton to begin an OCDS Study Group. Fr. Roshan D'Souza, the Provincial Delegate for the OCDS was present at the occasion. Fr. Mario Fernandes has been appointed as the formator and spiritual director.

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Secular Carmel Community Annual Day at Bajjodi
The Secular Carmelite Community of Infant Mary Parish, Bajjodi celebrated its Annual Day on Nov. 3rd, Saturday with a solemn Mass at 5.30 pm. Rev. Fr. Rayan Pais was the main celebrant, who in his Homily gave a beautiful message of Love being the solution to all the worldly confusion we face and thus gave a call to Love God, fellow human beings and ourselves. It does not suffice to just love the Church but we need to commit ourselves to the church by actively taking part and offering ourselves fully in the service of the church through our talents. Vicar Rev. Fr. Ivan D'souza, Rev Fr. Roshan Pinto and Rev. Fr. Patrick Lobo co - celebrated the mass. Mass was followed by a cultural programme in the Church hall to which Rev. Fr. Rayan Pais was the Chief guest .
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Seminar on Divine Mercy held
SANVORDEM: “ Have feelings of Jesus and be like Him.” said Fr. Vital Miranda, Dean of Sanguem Deanery and Parish Priest of Guardian Angel’s Church, Sanvordem. Fr. Miranda was delivering a homily during the Eucharistic celebration at the concluding of a day seminar on Divine Mercy. A day seminar on Divine Mercy was organised by the Divine Mercy Centre of the Carmelite Fathers Margao, in collaboration with the Guardian Angel’s Church, Sanvordem for the members of the Divine Mercy Parish/Chapel Groups of Sanguem deanery at Guardian Angel’s Church, Sanvordem. Fr. Miranda stressed on the emptiness of Jesus for our Salvation. He appealed the members of the Divine Mercy to experience the mercy and be merciful to the others.
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Our Lady of Rosary Venerated @ Pushpashrama
“Praying the Rosary without the meditation on the mysteries of Christ is similar to a body without a soul”. – Pope Paul VI.

After achieving a feat of praying the rosary in more than 60 homes in the month of October, the community of Pushpashrama organised ‘An hour to Rosary’ in the Infant Jesus Shrine on October 31st. Before the solemn Rosary, a high mass was celebrated in honour of our Lady of Rosary at 6:30 PM. Fr. Oswald was the main celebrant and preached a well prepared homily highlighting the history, significance and Christo-centricism of the Holy Rosary.With lamps and candles burning bright and our Lady adorning herself amidst these lights, the Rosary was prayed in the presence of minimal lights. Every mystery was reflected in depth and the Fatima Prayer was sung in the presence of the gathered faithful.
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Farewell to Fr Joy Francis
“My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to complete his work” (Jn 4:34).

Jesus who said these words highlighting his mission still helps us to draw inspiration to preach the good news to lands near and far. Heeding to this call, with utmost obedience just like his master Jesus, Fr. Joy Francis has prepared himself to touch the earth of Nagpur, Maharashtra and give witness of Christ to the people there. As he was serving in the community of Pushpashrama, the community felt apt to bid him adieu with a grand farewell. He worked marvels in Pushpashrama by renovating the chapel, repairing the sound systems, installing TV screens in the shrine to facilitate easy worship and so on. His cheerful spirit and helping nature was truly inspiring and influencing. Therefore thanking him for his very presence in Pushpashrama and wishing him success in the new mission land, the community organised a cultural programme which included a colourful display of talents of brothers.
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The Joy of Carmel relived in Canada
As a climax of the pastoral visitation of Provincial, Fr. Charles Serrao to the friars in Canada, the Annual Gathering of Carmelite friars working in Canada was held at St. Thomas More Parish, Calgary from October 15th to 18, 2018. Fr. John Pinto and Fr. Roshan D’Souza hosted the gathering. This Annual Gathering began with the Evening Prayer in honour of our Holy Mother St. Teresa of Avila followed by the Inaugural Mass which was attended by the OCDS members of Calgary and a good number of parishioners. Fr. Charles Serrao, Provincial presided over the Mass and Fr. Joachim Pereira, the Episcopal Vicar for Religious of the Diocese of Calgary preached a quite appealing homily based on the life and teachings of St. Teresa of Avila. The Jubilarians Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas and Fr. Ranjan D’Sa were specially remembered in prayer during the Mass.
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Dear Friends,
This is Album number 4 of Tiampo Memorial Hall under construction at Carmel Hill (Canada). The mounting of wooden walls has begun. The wood that is needed for the entire hall has already been stacked in the compound. A lot of space cleared around the hall is for parking lots approximately for 200 cars. We are grateful to Fr. Alexander Brangaza (Superior) and Fr. Melvin Pinto for sacrificing their time both in managing the programs at Little Flower Monastery and monitoring the work that is taking place at the construction site. Please click the link below for latest photos.
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Dear Friends,
Here are the latest photos of the ongoing construction of Tiampo Memorial Hall at Carmel Hill, Canada. We have obtained the basic necessary permissions from the Fraser Valley District and the foundation of the Hall is almost complete. We had the great privilege of having Helen visit the site on September 10th. Fr. Alexander Braganza and Fr. Melvin Pinto offered us their wonderful hospitality in the Monastery. The ground Engineer of Alfred Horie Constructions, Mr. Dennis Cardin showed us the site and explained in detail how this hall will be constructed. The next move of the construction of the Hall will be raising of the walls. The material for this second phase has already arrived from Germany. These photos clicked by Rev. Fr. Alexander Braganza OCD, Superior, Little Flower Monastery.
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Golden Brothers at Philomena’s College : Pushpashrama
Bros. Shine George and Babusha, the alumni of our college of Pushpashrama made the province proud by decorating themselves in gold medals in the subjects, Philosophy and Alternative English respectively from St. Philomena’s College, Mysore. They were awarded for scoring the highest marks. However what distinguished their achievements was that being correspondent students, they won these medals among the regular college attending students. In receiving these medals they not only made our province proud but have also etched their names in the chronicles of St. Philomena’s college as being the first Carmelite brothers to achieve this feat. Kudos to both of you!
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St. Therese of Child Jesus – Patroness Honored @ PUSHPASHRAMA
“Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.”
An institute will have no greater pleasure than celebrating the feast of its patron. Pushpashrama institute of philosophy and religion celebrated the solemnity of St. Therese its patroness with great zest and enthusiasm. Having imbibed the treasured spirituality of St. Therese to do ordinary things with extraordinary love, the community proceeded to celebrate this feast in a low scale. This was done, keeping in mind our suffering brethren in Kodagu and Kerala to whose need the usual expenses will be furnished to. The community celebrated the solemnity with the faithful on Sunday, 30th September during the 08: 00 AM mass.
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Fr. John Alex Pinto OCD, has been appointed by Bishop William McGrattan as the Vicar Forane (Dean) of the North East Deanery in the Diocese of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has been serving as the Pastor of St. Thomas More Parish, Calgary for 10 years and is thus one of the long-standing pastors serving in the Diocese. While we congratulate him on assuming this new responsibility, we pray that he be guided by the Holy Spirit.


Double Celebration! Double Happiness! The three Lower Mainland Communities had much reason to rejoice on September 22, 2018. The rain and fall weather did not dampen their spirits as they gathered at St. Edmund’s Church, North Vancouver, BC. Provincial Father Charles Serrao made his annual visit to the Canada Region at a most opportune time to coincide with the Ceremonies of the 2018 candidates. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Fr. Charles Serrao and concelebrated by Regional Superior Fr. Jerald D’Souza, Provincial Delegate Fr. Steny Mascarenhas and Assistant Pastor of St. Edmund’s Parish, Fr. Vincent D’Souza. It was a bonanza year for the Region with the investiture of six aspirants, the first profession of nine candidates and the vows of one candidate.
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Dhyanavana Day was celebrated on Sunday, 23rd September 2018. Dhyanavana is an International Spirituality Centre where presently 65 sisters are studying from around 30 Religious Congregations. We conduct Diploma Course of 9 months and Certificate Courses of 6 and 3 months to the Religious Women, along with M.A. in Holistic Spirituality from the University of Mysore. On Dhyanavana Day celebration, many Major Superiors and Junior Mistresses participated along with our neighbouring Priests, Religious and Friends. In the morning we had a talk on “Formation” and a Con-Celebrated Holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr. Pius James, OCD, Vicar Provincial. In the evening our Dhyanavana sisters put up a very good cultural program with the message “WE ARE WOMEN OF FAITH - United in God’s Love, Sisters in Grace”.
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Dear Friends,
Jivitamruth series in Daijiworld 24X7 from Episode 219-269, a total of 50 Episodes on Christian Spirituality will be transmitted live twice a day from the second week of September till beginning of December. The hosts of this series are Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza (Canada) and Mr. Denis Mascarenhas (Oman - Muscat). The episodes will be relayed from Monday till Friday every week from 7 am till 7.30 am and evening 7 pm till 7.30 pm.

Please click here to watch the entire series of Jivitamrut on Daijiwork24X7

Nativity and Family Feast celebrated at Bajjodi
The feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called the Monti Fest, was celebrated with devotion at bajjodi on Saturday September 8th. Blessing of the Corn was held at Lourdes grotto. The congregation went in a procession to the church singing devotional hymns, accompanied by a brass band with Bambina Mary. After the procession the beautiful age old tradition of children showering flowers at Mother Mary's statue was performed with the accompaniment of hymns. Rev. Fr. Lancy Lewis was the main Celebrant. Parish Priest Fr. Ivan D’souza, Fr. Patrick Lobo, Fr. Rovel D’souza, Deac. Macson Dabre concelebrated in the Eucharist. In his homily, Fr Lancy Lewis expounded the uniqueness of the feast and stressed on the role of the family in the church. At the end, Fr. Ivan D’souza honoured the main sponsors as well as thanked everyone for their whole hearted support for the success of the feast. New grains and sugar canes were distributed to the parishioners.
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“You are the Daughter of Zion, the Ark of the Covenant and the new Eve. You are the honor; you are the glory of our people, Virgin Mother Mary”.
The day to which all the Catholics look forward to finally arrived! After nine days of intense preparation and offering flowers to Infant Mary, we on 8th of September celebrated with great joy and jubilation the nativity of our dear Mother Mary. The mass was celebrated at 6:45 am with Fr. Lawrence D’ Mello as the main celebrant. The new corn was blessed and the euphoria of the day was initiated. Meanwhile, the Fathers and the brothers involved themselves in various committees of cooking, decorating and of prayer service to celebrate this family feast.
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The much expected and awaited Asha Deepa formation house was blessed and inaugurated on 15th of August, 2018. The celebration began with the Holy Eucharist, presided over by Very Rev. Fr Charles Serrao OCD, the Provincial Superior of Karnataka-Goa Province and Rev. Fr Dominic Vas OCD, preached a relevant homily for the occasion. Over 45concelebrants - mainly our Carmelite friars - joined the Eucharistic celebration. It was well attended by the religious and the lay faithful from the vicinity. The choir consisting of our theology brothers from Mangalore enhanced the fervour of the entire liturgical celebration.
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Inauguration of Pushpanjali Retreat Centre, Gorwa
26th of August, 2018 was a great and memorable day that will go down in the history of the Carmelites of the Karnataka-Goa province in general and the Pushpanjali Community in particular as another dream project – Retreat Centre - in the State of Gujarat, was completed. The inaugural mass was held at 10:00 am. presided over by Most Rev. Athanasius Rethnaswamy, the Bishop of Ahmedabad Diocese, who also broke the Word of God. The concelebrants were: Most Rev. Stanislaus Fernandes (Apostolic Administrator of Baroda Diocese), Fr. Joel Pais (Vicar General of Baroda Diocese), Fr Charles Serrao (Provincial of the Karnataka-Goa province), 8 other Carmelite friars and 3 Diocesan priests.
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St. Teresa of Jesus Community : 2018 Retreat
Little Flower Monastery, Carmel Hill, Deroche, BC.

The Community’s retreat took place from 27th July to 29th July 2018 commencing with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Alexander Braganza OCD, Retreat Master. He began with the introduction of the retreat theme “Call to Holiness”. He made reference to the saints who, in spite of their weaknesses, show us that the path to holiness is attainable and we are all called to it. The atmosphere of peace and quiet together with our solitude time, interspersed with community prayer, daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist, talks, Stations of the Cross, Benediction and Exposition with conducted meditation provided us with a greater sense of community whilst enabling us to go deeper in our encounter with the Living Christ.
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MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL, BELUR: in full splendour!
The inauguration of the new wing of Mount Carmel School, Belur (first floor and auditorium) was held on 16th of August, 2018, in the presence of Fr. Charles Serrao, Provincial Superior. The Chief Guest for the function was Shri Bhagwan, the president of neighboring SES (Shantala Education Society) school. The programme began at 2.30 p.m. with a welcome dance by the children. Fr. Prakash Tauro, the Principal, welcomed and introduced all the dignitaries. There was a small prayer service invoking God’s assistance, followed by blessing the new edifice by the sprinkling of Holy Water. Frs. Provincial and Shri Bhagwan delivered their messages on the occasion. In between the students displayed their talents through two beautiful dances.
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With hearts full of gratitude, Fr. Regan D'Souza, along with his family and the parishioners, offered a thanksgiving Mass on Sunday, 26th August 2018 at his home parish: St. Anthony's Church, Bazar Ghat, Hyderabad. The Mass was concelebrated by around 25 priests. The Mass began at 10.30 and ended with a short felicitation programme.

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It was a joyful day on 19th August, 2018, as Fr. Regan celebrated a Holy Mass along with the Carmelite community at Hoovinagadagali. Fr. Regan will be a member of this mission community and the people were happy to welcome him after his priestly ordination. The Mass was concelebrated by the community fathers, and former superior, Fr. Cyprian Fernandes. The Mass began at 11 am and was followed by felicitation and lunch.
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Deacon Regan Paul D'Souza was ordained a Priest on 14th of August at Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Bikarnakatte, by Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D Souza, Apostolic Administrator of Mangalore, in the presence of all the faithful. The solemn Mass with the rite of Ordination began at 4.00 p.m. Deacon Regan was born to Mr. Reginald and Mrs. Pauline D’Souza on 19th July 1981 in Bantwal, Mangalore and was brought up in Hyderabad. He is the eldest of the six siblings - two sisters and four brothers. He obtained all his primary, secondary and university education in Hyderabad itself. Just as the apostle Matthew was called while at work so also Regan received the call of Jesus while he was working as a financial consultant. After 3 years of service with the poor and suffering he was introduced to the order of Carmel. He joined the Discalced Carmelite Order in July 2007 and made his first profession on 28th September 2008. Filled with zeal and enthusiasm for the missions he reached the shore of Tanzania, Africa on 9th September 2009 with the sole purpose of evangelizing and serving the poor.
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The ever fruitful womb of the Mother of Carmel has brought to life yet another daughter. With great joy, the Carmel of Pune received the gift of Sr. Sharon of Jesus, into their Novitiate. Miss Sharon Luis hails from Caranzalem, Goa. Having being brought up in a pious family with regular prayer and participation in the Holy Eucharist, her desire for God and religious life began at a very young age. She has been an active member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Goa Unit and other Parish Associations. She was introduced to St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, and the Carmelite Spirituality through her acquaintance with the Congregation of The Heralds of the Gospel. The discernment of her vocation led her to choose the Contemplative way of life of Carmel. Sharon has completed her Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication. After working in an IT company for around a year, Miss Sharon joined the Carmel of God the Father, Pune in June 2017.
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Assumption of BVM & Independence Day @ Pushpashrama
As the tricolors unfurled in the land of India, Pushpashrama too joined hands in spreading the solidarity and unity, proudly saying we are Indians. And this celebration was doubled when the solemnity of the assumption of our Lady added meaning to the Eucharistic celebration held in our shrine at 7: 00am. ‘With Mary to heaven’, this being the slogan, the mass was celebrated and preached meaningfully by Fr. John Lobo. He emphasized that the true meaning of Christian freedom is understood when we emulate the life of Mary. After the Eucharistic celebration, the faithful saluted the national flag which was hoisted by Fr. Vinod Lobo. A meaningful and thought provoking message was delivered by Br. Loy Crasta and thus reinforced in us with great zeal, the faithfulness to our country. Brothers also sang a song in honor of our country India and to top it all followed a short programme by our tiny tots of the Carmel Play home.
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Dear Friends,
Here in Canada we have a wonderful hot summer. It's really great to have the Sun with his full force on us during this time of the year, especially this year. The work at Tiampo Memorial Hall at North Deroche Road is in full swing. With all the initial hurdles overcome we have a temporary building work permit thanks to the hard work of our Architect John Clarke, Darrell Wickstrom and Steve Creighton. The basic foundation work is almost complete. You can see the infrastructure being slowly in up word swing process. Due to summer holidays the work is a bit slowed down but will certainly pick up as soon as the summer holidays are over. A lot of underground work is complete and now we wait for the wooden structures to arrive from Germany. You can still see a lot of concrete work that is completed. Huge road work is in progress and a big parking lot is being constructed. You can see the huge pile of stones dug out of the foundation excavation which will be crushed on site and used for the construction of the hall. Please click the link below for the visuals of the work site of Tiampo Memorial Hall.
click here for the photographs

The 9th Annual Meeting of Western Canada OCDS took place on July 6 – 7, 2018 at Little Flower Monastery, Carmel Hill, Deroche, B.C. Present were Rev. Fr. Jerald D’Souza, Regional Superior of Canada, Rev. Fr. Steny Mascarenhas, Provincial Delegate, Secretariat Officers, Community Presidents and Directors of Formation. Representatives of the Calgary and Vernon communities were recognized for their great effort and sacrifice made towards their attendance. Fr. Jerald formally introduced Fr. Steny Mascarenhas as the new Provincial Delegate and chaired the meeting to wrap up the proceedings of the 2017 annual meeting. Reports were given by all in attendance, followed by queries and solutions on challenges and major concerns. Utmost importance was given to review of the local statutes, formation matters and community building.
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The Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was celebrated at St. Edmund’s Parish by Bishop Gary Gordon of the Victoria Diocese and concelebrated by Fr. Jerald D’Souza, Regional Superior of Canada, along with our Carmelite Friars and Fr. James Comey. The Mass was well attended by Secular Carmelites, religious, parishioners, family and friends. Bishop Gordon, who was born and raised in Vancouver, thanked Fr. Jerald for the invitation to celebrate this great solemnity of our Order. Bishop Gordon expounded on the Gospel Reading that day (John 19:25-27). Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and John, the beloved disciple, stood at the foot of the Cross. Addressing Jesus’ words to John, he said, “Here is your mother!” And to His mother, he said, “Here is your son!” “The Gospel speaks so powerfully about the closeness of God to us. We find a particular way for God to draw closer to us and for us to draw closer to God in the image of Mary at the foot of the cross.
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Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Bicentenary Celebration of Catholic Faith in Southern Africa
The Community of Benoni, South Africa celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and 200 years of the Catholic Church in Sothern Africa on 14 July, 2018. They also remembered 20 years of Carmelite Friars presence in South Africa. The parish communities of Our Lady of Loreto, Kempton Park, St Joseph’s, Acotnville, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Brentwood Park came together for this meaningful celebrations. The faithful were spiritually prepared by three days of novena and spiritual renewal programs animated by Fr John D’Souza, Fr Arvin Tauro and Fr Boniface D’Souza. On the feast day (14, July) Mass was presided over by Fr Marthinus Badenhorst, OP who gave a meaningful homily on Carmelite Spirituality.
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Pushpashrama venerates Patroness of the Order
“Triumph all ye Cherubim, sing with us sweet Seraphim, Heaven and Earth resound our Hymn, Salve Salve Salve Regina…!”
The day to which all the Carmelites look forward to dawned on 16th of July to celebrate the great solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. But this joy as to be shared with all be it Carmelites or not, because Mother Mary is the mother of all. Therefore the Pushpashrama keeping this in their minds anticipated the celebration of our Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel on Sunday. As the feast is of the Carmelites, the liturgy was animated and celebrated by the Carmelites of the entire order i.e., the priests, brothers, the secular Carmelites and lest to forget, the offshoots of the vineyard of Carmel, the other sister congregations of the Carmelites.
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Mangalore: Feast of Mount Carmel Celebrated at Infant Jesus Shrine
The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, popularly known as the Feast of the Scapular (Benthin) was celebrated at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte on Sunday, July 15th along with Secular Carmelites and the faithful. Throughout the day there were four masses including the Solemn festal Mass at 5.30pm. During all the masses the Holy Scapular, the symbol of Our Lady’s protection, was distributed. In preparation for the feast, there were novena which began on July 6th, with a reflection each day on the different Mysteries of Rosary, which reflected the interior life of Mary. The priests and religious were invited from Mangalore diocese to share in the celebration.
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Green Day observed at Bajjodi
Bajjodi: ICYM Bajjodi unit organized 'Green Day' on Sunday, July 15th at 8.00am in the church premises. The celebration began with a prayer song by youth. Asst. Priest Fr. Patrick Lobo presided as the Chief Guest. Parish Priest Fr. Ivan D’Souza, Fr. Patrick Lobo, Vice President, Mr. Joseph Mascarenhas, Secretary Mrs. Irene Pinto, Animator Mr. Kiran Crasta planted a sapling as an expression of love and concern for nature. Fr. Patrick Lobo in his inspiring message highlighted the significance of the day. He urged to join hands for this noble cause and help in little ways to curb the destruction of this planet. The youth planted 50 saplings in the pots. At the end Fr. Ivan D’Souza appreciated and congratulated the organizers and all the participants for their active involvement in the vanamahotsava. This programme was compered by Joel Fernandes. Pranita welcomed the gathering. The vote of thanks was given by Princiya.
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The feast of our lady of Mt. Carmel was celebrated on 14th July 2018 at Katkere, Kotesshwar. The con-celebrated mass was presided over by Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues OCD, the Prior of St Joseph's Monastery and Infant Jesus Shrine Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru. Newly appointed Dean of Kundapur deanery, Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro and other diocesan and religious priests were present for the feast. More than 600 devotees had gathered for the Eucharistic celebration and received the scapular - the holy dress of Our Lady. Fr. Rayan Pais thanked every one for the success of the feast.​
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Facelift of Pushpashrama Chapel
‘How lovely is your dwelling place O Lord! What peace and joy to feel so close to you…!’
Prayer, being the primary focus of Carmelites, the Pushpashrama community keeping this thought in their mind set forth to renovate the monastery choir to make it more conducive for meditation and prayer. The work which was embarked on by the previous rector Fr. Alfred Menezes was completed this year, thanks to the eagerness and hard work of Fr. Joy Francis along with the active collaboration of the community Fathers and brothers. The chapel, which presently shines with bright lights, beautiful wooden framework and granite flooring, truly attracts a person to the Divine, like a bee to a flower. The wooden framework also hides the meaningful message of the chalice of Christ and the unity of the Holy Trinity. The images of Our Lady of Mount Carmel along with the Patroness of Pushpashrama, St. Therese are situated at the sides of the altar reminding us of our Carmelite call.
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Guardian Angels Parishioners gave a solemn send off to Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza
On July 7th Guardian Angels Parishioners gave a solemn send off to Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, after completing 8 years 11 months at the parish. Rev. Frs. Jerald D'Souza, John Alex Pinto, Fr. Alex Braganza, Fr. Melvin Pinto, Fr. Rajesh Madtha and Fr. Vincent D'Souza were present for the occasion. Solemn mass was celebrated at 4 pm and Fr. Rudolf preached during mass and thanked the parishioners for their support, friendship, love and warmth of fellowship. At the end of the Holy Eucharistic celebration the souvenir book of Guardian Angels Parish titled PEARL OF SPIRITUALITY was solemnly released by Helen Chua Tiampo and all parishioners were gifted with this book on Saturday and during all the masses on Sunday July 8th. This book contains a complete profile of the parish from its foundation till date. Special focus on the various upgrades that were accomplished during the time of Fr. Rudolf being Pastor have been exhaustively reported. In addition to this a complete report of all the projects realized in Canada and in India has been elaborately given with the appropriate photographs. Fr. Rudolf as he was very active in his preaching and writing, a section is dedicated to his mass media apostolate including an entire section on the kindle books recently uploaded on amazon. The last part of the book is dedicated to various parish activities, groups and apostolate with relevant photo albums. The book contains 222 pages and is well documented.
Please click the link below for more details on the book titled:

Fr. Vincent D'Souza hits 50 mark in Canada
On July 4, 2018 was a remarkable day in the life of Fr. Vincent D’Souza. He hit the 50 Mark of his wonderful gift of life on this earth. Fr. Vincent at present is working as the assistant pastor in St. Edmund's Parish North Vancouver which is in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Since couple of months the people of St. Edmund's parish eagerly prepared to celebrate this mile stone in the life of their assistant Pastor Fr. Vincent. On July 4th Fr. Vincent Celebrated the 9 am Mass with the parishioners. Fr. Jerald Dsouza who is the pastor of the parish as well as the Regional Superior highlighted in his homily the simplicity and sacrificing nature of Fr. Vincent and wished him many more years in the service of the people of God. At the end of the Mass the whole congregation wished him by singing Happy Birthday and the flower bouquet was presented by Fr. John Alex Pinto pastor of the St. Thomas More Parish Calgary.
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Visit of the Provincial Superior to Benoni, South Africa
and blessing of the foundation stone for the proposed Retreat Centre

July 1st 2018 was a very special day for the Carmelites working in South Africa. As Provincial officially ended the Pastoral Visitation to South Africa, all five priests working in the land came together to celebrate the Eucharist and bless the foundation stone for Retreat Centre at Benoni. The Superior of Benoni Community, Fr Arvin Tauro welcomed Provincial Rev. Fr Charles Serrao, the Cape Town friars Fr Marie Joseph and Fr Antony Stephen, and his two community members Fr John Cyrus D'Souza OCD and Fr Boniface D' Souza OCD, who came together to celebrate this occasion. Fr Arwin welcomed and thanked the architect and other benefactors who were present and all the members of the community who have worked enthusiastically and tirelessly for the parish.
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The 22nd Diploma Holistic Spirituality Course was inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Vazhapilly, Bishop Emeritus of Mysore, with the inaugural Holy Eucharist on 1 July 2018. Fifty five Sisters are registered for the course as residential participants; besides 12 sisters attend a few selected courses as day scholars. For the Inaugural Mass around 25 priests and more than 125 religious were present. Dhyanavana is open to the sisters for short courses and retreats also.
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New Deacons-To serve and not to be served
The Karnataka - Goa Province congratulates Dn. Macson Dabre and Dn. Julius Gonsalves on being ordained Deacons on the 14th of June, 2018 by Most Rev. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi. The Eucharistic celebration began at 3:00 pm, where about 150 Priests concelebrated including 10 Carmelites. The Bishop during his homily highlighted on the role of the Deacons in the Church and he urged them to have the mind of Christ who came into this world not to serve but to be served. Thereafter a short felicitation program was held at the St. Joseph’s Monastery, Carmel Hill, Mangaluru.
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Solemn Profession @ Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangalore
The Carmelites of Karnataka-Goa Province congratulates six Brothers (Brs. Anoop Fernandes, Ivan Sequeira, Roshan Monteiro, Sunil D’Souza, Joseph D’Souza, and Wilson Tauro) who committed themselves to the Lord, through their Solemn Profession. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD (Provincial) presided over the Holy Eucharist at 3:30 pm along with the Carmelite Fathers from different communities. After the mass there was a short felicitation programme lead by Rev. Fr. Alwyn Sequeira in the Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangalore. Family members especially parents of the Solemnly Professed Brothers were honoured on this auspicious day.
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Fr. Ivan D’Souza takes charge as Parish Priest of Infant Mary's Church, Bajjodi
Bajjodi, Jun 16: Fr Ivan D’Souza was installed as the parish priest of Infant Mary's Church, Bajjodi on Saturday, June 16. Fr. Shabas Crasta, the present parish priest, Mr. Joseph Mascarenhas, vice-president and Mrs. Irene Pinto, Secretary of parish council welcomed Fr. Ivan D’souza & Fr. Patrick Lobo with flower bouquets. Fr. Victor Machado, Dean of City Deanery, conducted the ceremony. After taking charge as the parish priest, Fr. Ivan said, “It is my pleasure to serve in this vibrant parish. This parish stands high due to the hard and dedicated work of Fr. Melwin D’Cunha & Fr. Shabas Crasta. They are role models for me in this new task. I will promise you that I will do my best for the parish with your support and prayers.” Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues (Superior of St. Joseph's Monastery, Bikarnakatte), Fr. Joseph Cyril, Deac. Macson Dabre and a large number of parishioners were present.
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Secular Carmelite Member Laveena defends her Doctoral Thesis
MANGALURU: Laveena D'Mello, who has made her definitive promises in the Secular Carmelite Order, defended her Doctoral Thesis in Sociology on the title, "A Sociological Study of HIV Positive Women in Dakshina Kannada" on June 11, 2018 and obtained Doctorate from the University of Mangalore. Laveena DMello, becomes the first member of the OCDS to obtain PhD. She was felicitated at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte - Mangalore on June 14. Profile of Dr. Laveen D'Mello, OCDS (Dr.) Laveena D’Mello, Assistant Professor, Srinivas University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, is a Passionate Social Work professional, Trainer, Faculty and a Researcher with Master’s degree in Social Work, M.Phil in Sociology, and submitted Doctor of Philosophy Thesis in June 2017 at Mangalore University.
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A solemn ‘YES’ at Pune Carmel!
Sr. Pooja of the Holy Trinity made her Solemn Profession on the 23rd of May 2018. Having nurtured a vocation to the contemplative life since the age of around 8, Sr. Pooja has now consecrated herself totally to the service of our Lord and His Church. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Most Rev. Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Poona. The Carmelite Friars, Frs. Prasanna and Joe D’Souza from the Talegaon community and Fr. Joy Francis from Pushpashram community, Mysore were present. The Jesuit fathers from the neighboring De Nobili College and the priests from Sr. Pooja’s home parish of Ajra also graced the occasion. Her family members along with the friends and Benefactors of the community joined in the celebrations.
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Sr Santana of the Sacred Heart, made her Solemn Profession on 8th of June, 2018, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She had first joined the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King (FMCK) in the year 2000. After 14 years, hearing the Lord's call for a more Contemplative and hidden life, she entered Carmel in 2014. Her family members and the a few companions from the FMCK congregation participated in the solemn liturgical celebration. Fr. Joe Tauro OCD, former Provincial of the Karnataka-Goa Province presided over the Eucharist. Carmelite Friars from the communities in Goa and a few others from elsewhere concelebrated. The Episcopal Vicar for Religious, Parish Priest of Chicalim and the Parish Priest of Pomburpa (home parish of Sr Santana) also graced the occasion.
We wish Sr Santana all happiness in the garden of Carmel.
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Pushpashrama - LECTIO BREVIS 2018-19
‘Inheritance of wisdom is the inheritance of honor’
Pushpashrama Institute of Philosophy and Religion being one of the springs that quenches the thirst of those who seek wisdom, organized the Lectio Brevis 2018-19 on the first of June. The Holy mass was held at 9:00 am to grace this event. Fr. Pius James D’ Souza, the Vice Provincial of the KG Province celebrated the holy mass along with the company of several Carmelite priests from the neighboring communities. Fr. Pius preached a very meaningful homily and counseled the students to love and follow Lady Wisdom ‘Sophia’ and not Lady Folly. Brothers with their smooth voices filled the Shrine with wonderful church music. Photographs of respective batches along with the Community fathers were taken. The official stage function followed the Holy mass, wherein Dr. Ivan D’Souza, a diocesan priest from Mangalore was the keynote speaker.
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Dear Friends,
The work at Carmel Hill has begun with full force with the construction of Tiampo Memorial Hall progressing rapidly. The recent developments are the ground is cleared and the stones are crushed and removed. Infrastructure for the Hall construction is getting ready. The underground water and sewer equipment has been already installed like septic tank, pumps etc. Now the work will continue to erect concrete pillars and then the basic structure will be seen. For more details please click the link below.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society
Vancouver - Canada
Please click here for more details:

Scholarship for the children of differently abled (blind)
Dhyana Jyothi Trust, a Carmelite NGO, distributed scholarships to the children of differently abled parents under the banner 'Carmel Vision for Future'. Fifteen children of visually impaired parents were given scholarships in Bengaluru on Thursday May 31. Addressing the audience Fr Stifan Perera OCD, the director of the Trust and Dhanavana Publications Bengaluru said, “Education to the children especially to the parents of blind is a Carmelite venture. Though the parents are blind, they have a great desire to brighten the lives of their children. Carmelite priests have taken up this unique initiative with the help of the donors and benefactors.” Nelly Pichardo, the coordinator of ‘Carmel Vision for Future’ said, “Parents are not only blind, they are also poor. Hence, they cannot afford to educate their children. On the contrary, children are highly talented and fare very well in their studies. Hence, we feel it is our responsibility to give them a helping hand.” Some of the parents are totally blind while some are partially blind. While it is difficult to earn their daily bread itself, they find it very hard to educate their children. Dhyna Jyothi Trust, is a charitable trust by the Carmelite priests. Alongside taking up charitable works, the Trusts takes up printing religious and social literature.
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Joyous Moment in the Life of 7 angels of our Parish
Bajjodi: Seven angels of our parish welcomed the Saviour Lord Jesus Christ for the first time into their hearts with utmost love and devotion on the 13th of May in the presence of the parish clergy, parents and well-wishers. They had been waiting eagerly for this memorable day to become one with Jesus. The Eucharistic celebration was led by Fr. Pius James D’souza and concelebrated by Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta, Asst. Priest Fr.Ivan D’souza, Fr. Ligoury Crasta and Kevin. Fr. Pius D’souza preached an inspiring homily to the children. The melodious Church choir facilitated the congregation to take active part in the liturgy. The joy of welcoming Jesus into their lives and renewing their baptismal promises was evident in the cherubic smiles of the children. Towards the end of the Mass, Rev. Fr. Shabas Crasta thanked the teacher Sr. Lydwin for catechising the first communicants prior to the celebration. All the children who received the First Holy Communion were given the Scapular, Rosary and New Testament on the occasion. We congratulate the angels of our parish for successfully achieving another religious milestone in their journey of faith.
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Benoni Carmelites in a celebration of 200 years of catholic faith in Southern Africa
This year we are celebrating the 200 years of Catholic faith in Southern Africa. Though the history of Catholic church in Southern Africa begins with the arrival of Bartholomew Diaz, officially it is accepted from June 7, 1818 when Pope Pius VII appointed the Benedictine Dom Edward Bede Slater as the first Vicar Apostolic of the Cape. In the Archdiocese of Johannesburg the 200 years of its celebration was held on 21st of April, where all the Carmelite priests of Benoni(South Africa) attended.
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DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY celebration at Margao.
Margao: Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão will preside over the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration of the Divine Mercy Sunday 2018 at the Carmelite Monastery, Margao on 8th April 2018 at 5.00p.m. There will be Eucharistic adoration at 4.oo p.m. Animators/ Representatives of the Divine Mercy Groups will be participating in this celebration. Mementos will be presented to each group at the hands of the Archbishop. Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão asked the Carmelites in Goa to promote Divine Mercy devotion in the Archdiocese. Responding to the invitation and the permission (CP/2967/2017) given by the Archbishop, 56 Divine Mercy Groups of the Parish/Chapels were formed in the Parishes/Chapels in the Archdiocese of Goa by the Carmelite Friars.
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Celebration of the simple profession of Frank Sharma
The First Profession of Bro. Frank Sharma was held solemnly at St. Edmond's Church on April 7th at 11 am in the presence of more than 250 faithful. The solemn celebration began with the introduction to liturgy by Rev. Fr. Melvin Pinto and the beautiful singing of St. Edmond's Church choir. Rev. Fr. Jerald D'Souza the Regional Superior presided over the ceremony and Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza preached a homily during the mass. After the homily Bro. Sharma pronounced his first vows and the Regional Superior accepted the vows and handed over to him the Constitutions of the Discalced Carmelites. After the Solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist Bro. Sharma thanked each and everyone present, including the Novice Master of California Province Fr. Robert Barceló and a few members who accompanied him.  
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Archbishop urges Faithful to experience God’s Mercy
MARGAO: Taking the help of a heroic witness of Blessed Rani Maria, a Martyr of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão urged the faithful gathered to experience and witness to the mercy of God as individuals and families. Archbishop was delivering a homily at the Divine Mercy Sunday Eucharistic celebration held at the Carmelite Monastery Margao on Sunday evening. Fr. Joaquim Loiola Pereira (Secretary to Archbishop), Fr. Carmo Martins (Parish Priest, Our Lady of Grace Church, Margao), Fr. Archibald Gonsalves (Superior, Carmelite Monastery, Margao), Fr. Sylvestre D'souza (Secretary to OCD Provincial, and other priests concelebrated the Eucharistic celebration.
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Good Friday Procession Unites Christians in Agassiz / Harrison.

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Easter Celebration at Bajjodi
Bajjodi, March 31st: The Easter Celebration here at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi commenced at 7 pm with the blessing of the new fire by Fr. Ivan D’souza.. The Easter Candle was lit and carried to the Altar calling on people to walk in the light of Risen Christ. The congregation lit candles signifying the victory of light over darkness and there by enlightenment. Fr. Joseph Cyril D’souza sang the Exultes - the Easter Hymn. Fr. Joachim Rodrigues was the main Celebrant. Seven readings from the Sacred Scriptures gave a glimpse of the salvation story of Israel and mankind in general. As the Gloria resounded in the air the image of Risen Jesus got unveiled. Fr.Joachim Rodrigues preached the homily. Parishioners participated enthusiastically in the solemn ceremony and celebration. Later water was blessed and baptismal vows were renewed. The liturgy was well-organized. The parish choir embellished the liturgy with excellent musical accompaniment.
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 Pushpashrama Rejoices at the Resurrection of the Lord​​
‘Life has vanquished death, darkness is chased by light, Rejoice then, O people, for from sin’s blindness you have been given pure sight’
As the world was plunged in darkness, a little light shimmered in the iron vessel. The fire soon broke into a mighty flame, which bathed the wood in heat. Then remained those glistening charcoals, which with the sweet contact with the fragrance, produced the heavenly aroma of the smell untold. If you are wondering what this might be, to cut the long story, this is the description of the scene that took place in the portico of Pushpashrama on the Easter night. The flame of the blessed fire lit the paschal candle which was carried by Fr. Lawrence D’ Mello to the altar. As he walked in the aisle, the words “This is the Light of Christ”, resounded in the church, thus initiating the Easter vigil mass. Fr. Augustine with his melodious voice pitched the exultet.
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Good Friday recalled @ Pushpashrama
“High on two logs hangs a figure in isolation, whose shadow saves all the people of sin’s desperation.”
The Friday of the holy week marks the most important day of our faith. It is a reminiscence of the greatest sacrifice ever offered, the magnitude and intensity of which is impossible for the human minds to grasp. Therefore to illustrate the passion of our Lord in his road to Calvary, the Community of Pushpashrama organized the presentation of the Way of the Cross at 8: 30 AM through an act in which every station of the cross was deeply reflected and pondered on. The realistic portrayal of Jesus, his suffering and the various difficulties and people he met on the way were depicted and presented by the brothers with the active collaboration of the people. A huge number of people turned up for this event and the act culminated in Jesus being taken to the sepulcher, the total duration of which was approximately one and a half hour.
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“Your love for one another should prove to the world that you are my disciples”
The day of the establishment of the three of the greatest principles ever laid by God is the day of Maundy Thursday. Priesthood, Service and Eucharist the very tenets that build Christianity were commemorated at our shrine of Infant Jesus in the presence of the huge galore of people. The initiation to the Triduum of the holiest event of our faith was celebrated with a solemn mass at 6: 30 PM. The mass was presided by the rector of Pushpashrama and preached meaningfully by Fr. Joy Francis. The significant event of washing of the feet was carried out very meaningfully and after the communion rite was over, the holy sacrament was taken to the repose altar.
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The 21st Convocation of Dhyanavana International Institute of Spirituality was held on Monday, March 26, 2018. Most Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shimoga, was the Chief Guest of the function and awarded Diplomas and certificates to 85 students. V. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, Provincial, presided over the function and released the Dhyanavana Annual magazine. Advocate Mahadev Deshak delivered the convocation address on "A Christian Response to the communal Forces of Today". The whole function was attended by around 200 Clergy, Religious and Friends.
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“The King of Glory comes, the nation rejoices. Open the gates before him lift up their voices.”

These Words were reverberated on March 25, 2018 in the entire Christendom as the Church prepared itself to step into the holiest week of Christianity initiated by The Palm Sunday. The Shrine of Infant Jesus also participated into this practice by organizing the mass at 8:00 AM. The blessing of the Palms and the Invitatory Rite were held at Dhyanavana, our neighboring house in the presence of a large group of faithful, lay and religious alike. All the faithful marched devoutly, commemorating the glorious event of the entry of Jesus to the city of Jerusalem. Soon after this, followed the holy Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Vinod Lobo which was concelebrated by the Community priests along with guest priests, Fr. Rovel D’Souza OCD and Fr. Gilbert Aranha. Fr Pradeep Pinto through his inspiring homily enabled the faithful to ponder on the passion of our Lord.
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Tiampo Memorial Hall construction at Carmel Hill - Canada
Dear Friends,

Here I send you photos of the construction of the Tiampo Memorial Hall at Carmel Hill - Canada. We will be regularly updating you the progress of the work. The ground has been cleared of stones and rubble as on in the first week of March 2018. This work has been massive as practically the adjacent mountainous area had to be brought to the level of the existing Little Flower Monastery. We are yet to get permit from the District as some conditions are to be fulfilled. We are grateful to all the work force for this tremendous job. A very special thanks to Helen.

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Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,
Rev. Fr Gregory D’Souza OCD has published his 10th book: Climbing the Mountain of the Lord. It is a commentary on two works of St John of the Cross - Romances and Ascent of Mount Carmel . In the introduction the author says he has “tried to make St John’s thought a little easier to understand and appealing to the reader.” In addition he has “added tables and diagrams to provide a summary of his thought and grasp it at a glance.” And in view of practical living of his doctrine he has also “tried to place it in the context of contemporary thoughts and life situation.”

All those who have had the opportunity to read it have highly appreciated this book. You may contact Dhyanavana Publications for your copy soon. Do also introduce it to others.

We acknowledge this attempt of Fr. Gregory to make St John of the Cross better known and understood. This is a fruit of his extensive study and many years of teaching experience. May God bless and reward his sincere efforts.

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,
We are glad to announce that Fr. Sudeep Christy has obtained Masters in Arranging and Orchestration from Berklee, College of Music, Boston USA. Besides he has been conferred an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) from the University of South America. The Karnataka-Goa Province is proud of the achievements of Fr. Sudeep. He is the first in our Province to be so qualified in the field of music. Our hearty congratulations on this success. It is a fruit of his hard work and dedication.

We wish him all the best for his future music ministry.

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,
We are very happy to send you the good news that the talks of Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza OCD (Canada) will be broadcast on daijiworld24X7 TV from Tuesday night March 20th onwards twice a day. They are 20 talks and discussions on Christian Life (Jivitamruth - from Episode 122-142 - duration 25 minutes to 30 minutes) during the Holy Week and until after Easter Solemnity. Those who would like to follow them, can also watch daijiworld24X7 youtube videos (jivitamruth). Please the click the link below for more details:
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The golden friar: Fr. Cyril Menezes
11th of February,2018 will remain a memorable day for the Karnataka-Goa Province of Discalced Carmelites, as Fr. Cyril Menezes completed 50 years in the garden of Carmel. There was a solemn Eucharistic celebration at the Infant Jesus presided over by Fr. Cyril, along with Carmelite friars from all around the province and a few diocesan priests. In his homily, Fr. Alfred Menezes explained the significance of the jubilee in the life of the religious. The meaningful liturgy and the soul-uplifting choir was animated by the theology brothers. A short felicitation programme was organized in the courtyard of the monastery. After a prayer song by the theology brothers, the cake was cut. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves raised the toast and highligted some unique facets of the life of the jubilarian, who was then honoured by the Provincial and his councillors with a Mysore peta, shawl and fruits. Fr. Anthony Kanapilly the batchmate of Fr. Cyril, who belongs to the Manjummel province and was present on the occasion was also felicitated.
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Today (30th of January, 2018), Br. Regan Paul D'Souza was ordained a Deacon by Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D'Souza, the Bishop of Mangalore, in the Chapel of the Bishop's House. His close relatives and our Carmelite friars witnessed the event. The Karnataka-Province congratulates Deacon Regan and wishes him a fruitful Diaconal ministry.
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Spiritual and Cultural Celebrations Mark Parish Annual Day at Bajjodi
The Annual Parish feast was celebrated at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi with great pomp and fervor on Sunday 28th Jan. 2018. Felicitation to the sponsors and procession began at 9.30am. The Solemn Eucharistic celebration was held at 10am. The Parish priest Fr Shabas Crasta distributed the candles to the benefactors and sponsors of the feast. Rev. Fr. Peter Noronha was the main celebrant. 14 priests took part in the Eucharistic celebrations.. Fr. Peter Noronha preached a sermon on the theme ‘Mary the courageous woman’.  Infant Mary Church and parishioners cannot imagine parish day celebration without the cultural program to make it eventful and memorable. The Cultural programe began with a prayer dance by youth followed by stage programe. Vice President, Joseph Mascarenhas extended the official welcome to all the dignitaries followed by Secretary Irene Pinto reading the Parish Annual Report of happenings/activities. Chief guest Fr. Pius James D’souza, Episcopal Vicar, gave us the message that we need to have belongingness that this is our Parish. Rev. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues, Superior of St. Joseph’s Monastery, Corporator, Mrs. Meena Pinto, Cultural committee coordinator, were present on the stage. Winners of various competitions were awarded on the occasion. Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta in his message said that we need to give priority to Spiritual activities he also thanked the parishioners for their constant support.
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Feast of Infant Jesus, Madanthyar
Infant Jesus annual feast at Asha Deepa, Madanthyar, was celebrated with great solemnity on 26th January 2018. The concelebrated high mass – with 27 priests –commenced at 5:30 PM. It was well attended by over 500 devotees from in and around Madanthyar and the neighbouring parishes like Badyar and Belhangady. Rev. Dr. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues Ocd, the superior of St. Joseph's Monastery,Carmel Hil, Mangalore presided over the Eucharist and preached a relevant homily on the them: “Internal freedom for a fruitful life.” He spoke on how we can attain total freedom and become fruitful by change of heart and mind. The devotees left the campus with real joy and spiritual enhancement. After the celebration refreshment was shared with all the devotees, while priests and religious were served monastic festal dinner to enhance fraternity and well being.
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A Seminar on Discernment…

On January 21, 2018, Dhyanavana, International Institute of Spirituality, in association with CRI Mysore Diocese, organized a full day seminar on Discernment…The Art of Psycho-Spiritual Discernment in Religious Life, in Pushpashrama Auditorium, Mysore. At 9:00 a.m. the seminar started with registration and at around 9:15 am the programme began. The Seminar commenced by invoking God’s blessings. Rev. Sr. Juanita CSST Provincial, Inaugurated the Seminar. The CRI Provincials were the Chief Guests and Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas OCD - Director of Dhyanavana welcomed the gathering and briefed the audience about the purpose of the seminar. The lighting of the lamp was done by all the dignitaries of the Seminar. The Seminar was a grand success for which many priests, religious and brothers from near and far attended the seminar accounting to around 400 in number.
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We thank God for all the blessings he has showered on the community of OCD Nuns at Hassan Carmel. Initially the inauguration of the Carmel was fixed for 8th of December, 1992, but because of the Ayodhya problem, it had to be shifted to 14th of December. Fr. Gregory D'Souza OCD (then Provincial) and Fr. Joe Tauro (then First Prov. Councillor) braved the hostile and tensed situation prevailing around and made it in time for the Eucharistic celebration. Now 25 years later, the thanksgiving Mass was celebrated on 14th of December, 2017, presided over by Most Rev. Thomasappa Anthony Swamy, the Bishop of Chickmagalur. There were 22 priests who concelebrated. At the beginning the following lighted the Jubilee lamp: The Bishop, Fr Charles Serrao (Provincial), Fr. Ronald Cardoza (Parish Priest of Hassan), Fr. Dominic Savio SDB (Superior of the Salesians, who are their regular chaplains), Fr. James Gonsalves SJ (Confessor), Sr. Jacintha OCD (representing the Mother Carmel of Mangalore), Sr. Cynthia (Sisters of Charity, representing the religious) and Mrs. Zita Sham (representing the benefactors and friends).
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Infant Jesus honored by the Devotees @ Pushpashrama
On January 7, 2018, the annual feast of the Infant Jesus was celebrated at Pushpashrama, Mysore. Before the sun rose in the beautiful landscape and the historical city of Mysore, the radiant light of Infant Jesus had already started illumining it from the beautiful shrine at Pushpashrama. The shrine clad with beautiful flowers of different hues and wonderful illuminations, the church appeared even more elegant as the faithful had already gathered for the holy mass at 6:45 a.m. The mass celebrated in Syrian rite was presided over by Fr. Jomi Mekkunel CMI, with which the kick started for the festivity of the day. Another mass soon followed this at 8:15 a.m. which was celebrated by the Vicar Provincial of the Discalced Carmelites of the K.G. Province, Fr. Pius James D’Souza OCD. The Mass was accompanied by the string ensemble and choir led by Mr. Sudeep Christie and Sir Felix which truly solemnized it.
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Infant Jesus Feast: Third Day of the Triduum at Pushpashrama
Poverty of Jesus! This being the theme for the last day of the Triduum in honour of Infant Jesus, the day dawned with a Eucharistic celebration offered by Fr. Oswald Crasta OCD. As the feast was fast approaching a lot of preparation took place in and around the campus with the Pushpashrama Fathers and Brothers putting on their best foot forward to make the celebration a wonderful one. In the evening, Tamil mass was celebrated by Fr. Antony M, the liturgy of which was enriched by the symphony of the Tamil Association choir. This was followed by Kannada mass which was devoutly presided over by Fr. Dominic Vas OCD. As there was a special prayer service for children, tiny tots with happy hearts gathered around the holy altar. The Carmelite priests stormed heavens by their prayers for these children, who witnessed the love of Jesus in their hearts. The Gayathri Puram Parish also helped the liturgy by their melodious choir. Soon after the mass, the devotees partook in the food served due to the generous hearts of the benefactors.
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Infant Jesus Feast: Second Day of the Triduum at Pushpashrama
On the second day of the Triduum in honour of Infant Jesus, the atmosphere around the Infant Jesus shrine was of high sanctity and holiness as more and more people flocked to the shrine. The theme being ‘Poverty of Mary’, the devotees were blessed to witness a Eucharistic celebration at the break of the day which was presided over by Fr Vinod Lobo OCD. However the flock intensified for the Tamil and Kannada mass celebrated by Frs. Amal Raj from Guru Mandir and Alphonse Britto OCD and the church was filled to its capacity. The seraphic choir by the Pushpashrama brothers, Tamil Association and B. M. Shree Nagar parish made the liturgy more meaningful. After the spiritual nourishment, the devotees were also physically nourished as they relished the tasty ‘Annasantarpane’.
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The small village of Watare in the parish of Londa, was jubilant on 30th of December, 2017, as it prepared for the Priestly Ordination of two brothers, Deac. Peter Pereira OCD and Deac. Sebastian Pereira SJ. The ordaining prelate, Most Rev. Peter Machado said that in Christmas Season we celebrate the birth of Jesus and on this day twins are born into the priesthood! Further he noted, how along the highway there are many boards warning people of the presence of wild animals in the area. Now we had to put up a new one near Watare: Priests and Sisters are here!
There were over 50 priests who concelebrated at the Mass, prominent among whom were the two provincials: Fr. Charles Serrao OCD of the Carmelites and Fr. Roland Coelho SJ of the Jesuits.
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Childrens' Day at Mpandangindo
The Feast of the Holy Innocents on 28th Dec, as usual we celebrated the Children’s Day. The mass was at 8 am, was presided by Fr. Raymond Santhanaz and concelebrated by Fr. Roshan Pinto. Unfortunately it rained heavily and most of the children failed to come. There were around 300 children, if not for rain they would have been more than 500. All the Out-Station managed to represent at least a few of them. Children themselves conducted the liturgy. Since we are in Golden Jubilee Year and Children will be having different competitions during the whole year, we did not have any games as such after the mass. But we divided the children into different groups and the catechists gave them some relevant talks according their groups. Around 11 am they were given soft drink and edibles and allowed them to go home soon.
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Infant Jesus Feast: FIRST DAY OF THE TRIDUUM @ Pushpashrama
The flag unfurled high in the sky on January 4, 2017 Thursday as the day marked the beginning of the Triduum of the feast of the Infant Jesus. With the theme, “Meet the poor, follow Christ”, Fr. Valentine set the ball rolling by hoisting the flag after invoking the graces of the Infant Jesus. People then marched devoutly to participate in the Tamil mass celebrated by him. Soon after this, followed the masses in Kannada and English which were presided over by Frs. Joseph Pinto and Nitesh Rodrigues respectively. As the theme for the feast was based on loving the poor, the liturgy on the first day was intricately woven on the Poverty of Disciples. The Tamil association Choir, the Rajiv Nagar Parish choir and the Pushpashrama brothers lent out their voices to add more flavor to the liturgy. Devotees, who had flocked in large numbers from and around Mysore, were also served food after all the three masses.
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Begin a new with Gratitude – 2018 : Pushpashrama
December 31, 2017 – a day of thanking the Lord for the manifold blessings that He has showered upon each and every one of us. On this beautiful day the Pushpashrama Fathers and brothers along with the faithful of the vicinity conducted a thanksgiving adoration at 10-00 p.m. for the year 2017 followed by the Holy Eucharist at 10-45 p.m. Rev. Fr Vincent, Principal of St Philomena’s college presided over the Eucharistic celebration along with other seven priests. Fr Oswald Crasta preached an inspiring homily highlighting the virtues and qualities of Mary to be practiced in the New Year 2018. The brothers of Pushpashrama through their angelic choir enabled the faithful to raise their hearts and minds to God in thanksgiving. After the Eucharistic celebration, as the people were wishing each other, coffee and cakes were served to enhance the joy of New Year 2018. On the New Year day – the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, the holy mass commenced at 8-00 a.m. celebrated by Fr Pradeep Pinto. Fr Joy Francis preached the homily highlighting the significance of the title Theotokos and invited the faithful to keep up the resolutions that we make at the beginning of the New Year 2018. May this New Year 2018 become the strong foundation to experience the presence of Jesus and live our life according to the will of God.
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Christmas Joy shared with Neighbours at Pushpashrama
December 25, 2017 on the day of Christmas, the Pushpashrama community along with the neighbors who are belonging to different religions celebrated the Christmas and shared the message of peace and harmony with each other at Pushpashrama auditorium. The celebration commenced at 4-30 p.m. invoking the assistance of Jesus through the prayer song sung by our Pushpashrama brothers. Miss Kirana Nayak, one of the immediate neighbors of Pushpashrama compered the programme. Fr Pradeep Pinto, the chief guest delivered the Christmas message quoting Bhagavad-Gita, Quran and Bible, gave a clarion call to all, to live in peace and harmony. The cultural programme consisted of colorful dances and Christmas carols by our neighboring children, youth and adults. The brothers of Pushpashrama through their rocking dance and Christmas carols entertained the congregation. Thus the Christmas celebration became a strong foundation to celebrate the unity and harmony with our brothers and sisters of Pushpashrama vicinity.
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Christmas celebration at Pushpashrama
Christmas is a glorious day to rejoice and to celebrate; it is the birthday of our Saviour Jesus Christ who became flesh and dwelt among us. This day was solemnized at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Pushpashrama on December 24, 2017. The brothers of Pushpashrama through their melodious voice sang the Christmas carols at 9-30 p.m. followed by the solemn Eucharistic celebration at 10-00 p.m. presided over by Fr Joy Francis and concelebrated by the community friars. The Christmas liturgy was meticulously organized by the philosophy students of Pushpashrama. Fr Joy in his homily enlightened the faithful as regards the contradictions that are found in the modern world which are contrary to the spiritual world of Jesus. He gave a clarion call to all the faithful to follow the simplicity, humility and poverty of Jesus in our personal and family lives. After the mass as the people wished each other with the greetings of Christmas, cake and coffee were being served for all the faithful. Thus the vigil mass at Pushpashrama created an atmosphere of prayer through the spiritual celebration and the beautiful lights which added colours to the Infant Jesus Shrine.
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Christmas celebrated with joy and devotion at Bajjodi
Dec.24th: Christmas is a time for sharing and friendship. It was celebrated with devotion and gusto at Infant Mary Church Bajjodi. The festal Eucharistic celebration was held at 7.30pm and parishioners gathered at the church for the Holy Mass in Konkani which was concelebrated by Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta. Asst. Priest Fr. Ivan D’souza was the main celebrant. Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta in his homily, exhorted the faithful to follow in the path of Jesus Christ and said that, "The present situation in the world is very bad. Hatred has spread among people. We must do only good deeds, only then can we live a happy life. What is the point in life if we do not follow what God wants from us? He loves everyone. It does not mean we should become selfish. Let us make this world a selfless one by following Jesus."
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The Carmelites of the Italian Region gathered in Parrocchia di San Maria a Ripa on the 28th of December, 2017 for the Chrismas celebration. All the priests except Fr Edwin Deniz, Fr Rodlof Pinto and Fr Peter Rebello were present for the gathering totalling 11. Our celebration began with a grand dinner in one of the benefactors’ house. We sang the Christmas Carols as we savoured the Italian delicacies. On the 29th of December we had a fraternal concelebrated mass in the Parish Church along with the parishoners. Fr Manoj Braganza the Superior and Parish Priest spread the carpet of red roses to all the priests as he introduced all the priests to the parishoners. Fr Deepak Tauro OCD, Rector of the Scala Community presided over the Eucharist and preached a meaningful homily. After the Holy Mass we prayed the Lauds with the people which was an enriching experience.
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All the friars from the four communities in the capital city Bengaluru, came together to share the joy of Christmas on 26th of December, 2017. The birthday of Fr. Canute D’Souza the faithful and diligent bursar for 19 years was also celebrated. Enjoy a few pictures taken on the occasion!
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the profession of Sr. Benedicta of the Holy Face ( earlier, Roschelle Martis) took place on the 17th of December, 2017 at Pune Carmel. Her parents who came down from Kuwait, also attended the mass. Since it was a Sunday, the chapel was full of religious from the neighbouring houses, especially the Jesuit brothers. The Confessor of the community from the neighbouring De Nobili College was very happy to attend and said he that so far he had seen such a ceremony only in movies. Sr Benedicta had completed her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering before entering Carmel. We wish her all the best and pray that God guide her in her journey ahead.

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Christmas day mass was celebrated at 8 am by Fr. Raymond Santhanaz at St. Martin of Tour Parish, Mpandangindo, Songea while Fr. Roshan Pinto the Parish Priest of Superior went to the Out Stations of Kituro at 8 am and at Liweta at 11 am accompanied by Br. Prosper Kaizer.

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It was historical first at Mpandangindo, Songea. There was a Christmas Fellowship celebration with other Christian denominations and Religions on 26th of December, at St. Martin of Tours Parish. The Muslims invitees could not attend; but all those who gathered were so happy and expressed their appreciation for those who planned it. It was a very successful gathering and they wished to have it in the future too without failure. The gathering concluded with a fellowship meal.
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The Christmas Vigil was celebrated at St. Martin of Tour Parish at Mpandangindo, Songea at 7 pm. Fr. Roshan Pinto the Parish Priest and the Superior was the main celebrant assisted by Fr. Raymond Santhanaz. Br. Prosper Kaizer, a Carmelite Philosophy student from Kola, Morogoro who came to help us during the Christmas season preached a beautiful homily. Though at the beginning the church looked to be empty but later good number of people were present.
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Dhyana Jyothi Trust, a charitable trust run by the Carmelite Fathers and Bangalore Konkani Catholic Charismatic Renewal along with Good Sam Foundation celebrated Christmas with the differently-abled on Sunday December 17 in Bengaluru. The celebration began with a praise and worship led by the blind themselves. Later Fr. Stifan Perera, OCD Director of Dhyana Jyothi Turst in his Christmas message said, “Christ is born especially with the poor and the marginalized to show how God loves whom the society rejects. The true meaning of Christmas consists in loving the poor and the needy.” He also thanked all those who had showed their generosity to give Christmas joy to these differently-abled. Mr. David of Good Sam Foundation thanked. Mrs. Nelly Pichardo coordinated the whole program and volunteers under the able leadership of Godwin Castelino served the food to the participants. After the meal, shirts to men, Sarees to women, sweets and school bags to children and grocery items for week were distributed to each of the families present. We thank all our well-wishers and invoke God’s blessings on them.
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Carmel Play Home Kids celebrate Christmas
December 21, 2017 – The Carmel Play Home kids along with the parents, fathers and brothers celebrated the Christmas programme at Pushpashrama auditorium. It was a day of jubilation and cheerfulness as the play home kids had the maiden opportunity to manifest their hidden angelic talents in the presence of their dear parents and friends. The celebration commenced at 11-00 a.m. Br Clifford Rodrigues compered the programme; Br Prithesh and team invoked the assistance of God through the prayer song. The play home kids welcomed the gathering through the symbolic welcome dance. Fr Pradeep Pinto, the chief guest gave the Christmas message and gave a clarion call to live in peace and harmony with one another. The play home kids through their colourful dances captivated the mind and hearts of the audience. 
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On 14 December 2017, two Secular Carmelites, Joan Ashby and Ligia Da Silva, made their Definitive Promises at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Benoni, South Africa. Fr Mari Joseph was the main celebrant at the Eucharist. All our Carmelite Priests working in South Africa participated in the celebration. Fr Boniface D'Souza preached the homily and explained the importance of vocation and the necessity for commitment to the Church’s mission. The Celebration was witnessed by a large number of faithful including Carmelite Nuns from Benoni. Before the Eucharistic Celebration, Bridget Hodge, the President of OCDS community, explained to the congregation the nature of the Secular Carmelites vocation. Finally, Fr Arvin Tauro congratulated Joan and Ligia and encouraged lay faithful to join the Secular Order. The Celebration was rounded off with a delicious finger supper.
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The spiritual assistants of the OCDS in our Province came together for two days in order to plan about the growth of the Secular Carmel at the Carmelite Provincialate, Sadbhavana, Bengaluru, from 5th to 6th of December, 2017. Since there were some friars who have just taken up the assignment for the first time, there were input sessions on the first day, given by Fr. Rovel D’Souza (Provincial Delegate of the OCDS) and Fr. Silvestre D’Souza (Provincial Secretary), on the OCDS Constitutions, Province Statutes and Provincial Formation programme. There were discussions on various aspects of the Secular Carmel and their organization. Some practical decisions were also taken, which will be implemented in the course of time. We thank all those who made it possible to participate and contribute to the success of the gathering.
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Pushpashrama Brothers excel in Christmas carols
The Philosophy Students of Pushpashrama manifested their musical talents during the carol singing competitions organized by the Catholic Association of Mysore on December 3, 2017 and Carmel Catholic Association on December 10, 2017. On December 3, the Brothers participated in three categories and won three prizes namely English – third place, Konkani and Kannada second place. On December 10, the brothers participated in two categories and won two prizes namely English third place and Kannada first place. The brothers moved heaven and earth during these days through their untiring and constant practice. We congratulate and acknowledge the hard efforts of our brothers in upholding the name of Pushpashrama, Philosophy College in the carol competition.
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FIRST HOLY COMMUNION, Kempton Park, S. Africa
It was a joy to witness 44 children who received Holy Communion for the first time on Saturday, 25th of November 2017, at a special Mass at Our Lady of Loreto Parish, Kempton Park, South Africa. We acknowledge the role of the parish priest, Fr. Boniface D'Souza and the Catechists who prepared them for this big day in their lives!

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It was a joy to welcome all the Superiors of all our communities in India to Sadbhavana, for a meeting that lasted two days from 21-22 November, 2017. It consisted in the sharing the life and activities of each community and discussions on the agenda. The celebrations of the Province day enhanced the joy and brotherhood among the friars. There was a solemn Eucharistic celebration on the 21st of November, beautifully animated by Fr. Alphonse Britto. As it was the memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Fr. Lancy Lewis preached on the history and significance of the feast to our Carmelite life. In the cultural evening that followed, Fr. Provincial was felicitated. On behalf of all, Fr. Lawrence D’Mello raised the toast and highlighted some of his outstanding qualities, especially in administration, which is recognized not only in the Order (with the General still requesting him to conduct visitations) but also by many other Congregations seeking his help.
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Frivita and Nivita bag NBJ Yuva Pratibha Puraskar and Jeet Milan ‘The person of the year’
MANGALURU, November 21, 2017 : Frivita D’Souza and Nivita Cardoza, young budding youth are chosen for the ‘NBJ – Amulya Akash Yuva Pratibha Puraskar-2017’ in sports and art category respectively and environmentalist Jeet Milan Roche for the ‘Godwin-Sushma Rasquinha Person of the Year -2017’ instituted by Naman Ballok Jesu, Konkanni monthly. The award ‘Yuva Pratibha Puraskar’ carries Rs. 20,000 in cash and the ‘Person of the Year Award’ Rs 30,000 in cash, certificate, memento and shawl. All the three awards will be presented in Carmel Hill – Mangaluru on December 3.

Frivita D’Souza

Nivita Cardoza

Jeet Milan Roche

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Workshop on Team Work held at CARMEL DAN
St. Estevam: CARMEL DAN, a centre for Holistic growth of the Carmelite Fathers, St. Estevam organised a day workshop on Together Everyone Achieve More for the teachers and staff of St. Bartholomew’s High School, Chorão at the Centre at St. Estevam. Carmelite Br. Malvino Alfonso, was the resource person. He dealt with the practical issues in working together as a TEAM and stressed on the effective ways of team work. Speaking on the Classroom Management, he highlighted some effective means to deal with students. Discussing the various techniques of handling the child, Br. Alfonso appealed the participants to know the background of a child and focussed on the issues related to child abuse. Br. Malvino Alfonso welcome the gathering while Ms. Avelina Dancho, Headmistress, St. Bartholomew’s High School proposed a vote of thanks. Ms. Jenny Fernandes , teacher of the School shared her experience of the day.
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Viva Carmelo! The ancient Order of Carmel was enriched by the entry of yet another 6 members as these received the Carmelite Habit at Tapovana on 14th November, 2017 and pronounced their religious vows. Fr. Provincial who presided over the Solemn Eucharist preached a well-prepared and moving homily. “The path of holiness found in Carmel is sure and authentic and its spirituality, dense. This is testified by the number of cases awaiting today the honor of Canonization before the Vatican,” he said, as he commended the courageous decision of the six youngsters who were pledging their lives to Jesus with their mystical theme, ‘to be little victims of His love’. In the absence of his Provincial, Fr. Jayasheelan, the Novice Master of Tamilnadu Province represented his province as one of the candidates comes from there.
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The Carmelite fathers of Carmel Home along with the teachers of Mount Carmel School, Belur celebrated ‘Children's Day’ on Tuesday 14th November 2017. The teachers performed a beautiful program. The Principal Fr. Prakash Tauro thanked all those who have helped and supported towards the growth of the children and the organization of the celebrations.

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Finally the day dawned after a long awaiting. So much was spoken, so much was thought of and a great amount of preparation had followed to organize the inauguration of the Golden Jubilee of the Parish of St. Martin of Tours, Mpandangindo, in the Archdiocese of Songea. On November 1st after the Solemn Eucharist celebration of the Feast of All the Saints, at 8 am, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for adoration for 24 hours in preparation for the novena to begin of St. Martin of Tours. Rev. Fr. Lucius Mahundi, the Parish Priest of Kitura of the diocese of Mbinga who came to preach for the novena was the main celebrant for the feast of All the Saints. After the mass Fr. Roshan Pinto the Parish Priest exposed the Blessed Sacrament for the 24 hours of adoration. Every half an hour the Small Christian Communities, the Out Stations, Pious Associations along with Priests and Nuns took the turn to adore the Blessed Sacrament till 8 am next day.
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City Deanery Altar Servers Camp held at Cordel

City Deanery Altar Servers Camp held on 6th November at Cordel Hall. Around 350 Altar Servers took part from 11 parishes of the Deanery. City Deanery Dean Rev. Fr. Victor Machado Inaugurated the Camp at 9am. Fr. Ivan D’souza & Fr. Vinod Lobo were the Camp Coordinators. The inaugural Prayer service was followed by a formal inaugural. Altar servers were divided in to two groups 4th to 6th and 7th to 10th. A talk on Family Values, Holy Eucharist, Bible quiz, Magic, games and action songs were the highlights of the Meet. Fr. Ronald Serrao and Fr. Rupesh Madtha were the resource persons for the meet. Fr. Rupesh Madtha spoke on the dos’ and don’ts for the altar servers. Fr.Ronald Serrao spoke on the importance of Eucharist and the things that we use during the Mass. Fr. Paul D’souza performed the Magic Show. The quiz was organized by Fr. Ivan D’souza. Children were enthralled during a quiz on various subjects including identifying biblical characters from pictures and things involved in altar service.
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Colourful Sports Day held at Padua School grounds
Bajjjodi: The annual sports meet of Infant Mary Parish was organized on Sunday, November 5th 2017 at Padua School grounds. First there was March past by the ward members. 10 ward members marched to the tune of the band. They were all dressed in colourful uniforms adding uniqueness and vibrancy to the ground. Then the stage programe began with prayer song by the Altar Servers. Parish Priest Fr.Shabas Crasta welcomed everyone. Fr. Alwyn Serrao, Principal Padua High School, was the chief guest. Fr. Alwyn Serrao hoisted the flag and declared the sports meet open. He also inaugurated the fest by lighting of the sports torch which was taken around by 4 leaders. Athelets ran along with the sports torch which was brought to the grounds and handed over to the guest of honor.
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The Golden Jubilee celebration of Our Lady of Loreto Parish Kempton Park, South Africa was held on 13th of October, 2017. Most Rev. Dunkan Tsoke, the Auxiliary Bishop of Johannesburg was the main celebrant. Rev Fr Pius James the first Provincial Councillor of the Karnataka-Goa Province preached and broke the Word Of God. Later, both of them participated in the blessing of the new Grotto of Our Lady of Fatima.
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Carmelites open their new centre at St. Estevam
OLD GOA: CARMEL DAN, a centre for holistic growth, of the Carmelite Friars was blessed by Fr. Eusico Pereira, Parish Priest of Santo Estevao Church, St. Estevam at Cupa, St. Estevam. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, Superior of the Carmelite Monastery inaugurated the house and highlighted the purpose of the Centre. Br. Malvino Alfonso welcomed the gathering. Caetano Rodrigues and Donatina Fernandes, donors of the house and others were felicitated at the hands of Fr. Ronald D’souza, Provincial Councillor, Karnataka-Goa Province of the Carmelites. Fr. Pereira in his address, congratulated the Carmelite Friars and appreciated their efforts to serve the people. This centre of the Carmelite Friars which is a sister-concern of the Carmelite Monastery, Margao will cater the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the people. It will organise different programmes for the well-being of the different groups like parents, teachers, youth, teens, leaders for the associations etc. Carmelites are doing similar ministry in Mapusa at the Emmaus and at Divine Springs at Xellim.
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The fathers of Carmel Home along with the parishioners of Belur, celebrated the annual feast of St. Michael on Wednesday 11th October 2017. The main celebrant was Fr. Dominic Vas. There were 20 concelebrants which included our own Carmelite friars and neighbouring diocesan priests. Around 300 people were present for the feast. At the end of the Solemn Mass, Fr. Joseph Pinto, the Parish Priest thanked all those who had supported and extended their help to organize the feast.
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Solemnity of St. Teresa of Avila celebrated at Sadbhavana.
The solemnity of St. Teresa of Avila (Doctor of the church, Reformer of the Carmelite Order, Patroness of the Karnataka – Goa Province and the Patroness of Sadbhavana community) was celebrated at Sadbhavana on Sunday, 15th of October 2017 at 6:30 p.m. The solemn Eucharistic celebration was presided over by V. Rev Fr. A. S. Anthony Swamy (Chancellor and PRO of the Archdiocese of Bangalore), who also preached a homily emphasizing the doctrine of the Saint. Rev Fr. Paul D’Souza OCD honoured the main celebrant with a shall and bouquet. Rev Fr. Charles Serrao OCD (Provincial) thanked one and all for their esteemed presence. A fellowship meal followed.
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more News & Announcements

This website was launched in 2006 during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Karnataka-Goa Province of the Discalced Carmelite Order.

The ancient Carmelites founded in the thirteenth century were reformed in the sixteenth by two great doctors of the church, Saints Teresa and John of the Cross. These spiritual geniuses, while re-enforcing the contemplative dimension of the Carmelites, inserted a decidedly apostolic thrust into their spirituality, with special emphasis on the missions.

During the seventeenth century, we find Carmelite missionaries in several pockets along the west coast of the Indian sub-continent : Surat, Diu, Goa, Verapoly. In the eighteenth, Carmelites were appointed vicars apostolic of "the Great Mogul" and Verapoly. They are invited to attend to the pastoral needs of the Catholics in Mumbai. In the nineteenth century, the sees of Mangalore and Quilon were entrusted to the sons of St. Teresa.

Finally, in the twentieth century, the Discalced Carmelites opened their doors to Indian natives, who would henceforth draw more freely from the rich spiritual treasures of Sts. Teresa, John of the Cross, and other Carmelite interreters of the Good News of Jesus.

As Indian vocations multiplied, more and more foundations were made, and grouped into "provinces". Today among more than thirty provinces world-wide, there are five Indian provinces . One of these is the Karnataka-Goa province.

The aim of this web-site is, primarily to acquaint readers with Carmelite history and tradition; to share the spiritual insights of the great Carmelite saints and also give glimpses of the life within the province to all our associates. Articles of topical interest have also been included.






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Rev. Fr. Ronald

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Provincial Secretary


Highlights of 2018

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We invite you to begin the day with poetic reflections on the day's Gospel composed by our Friar,

Rev. Fr. Paul D'Souza, OCD
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Dear Friends,
Here I send you the link to my KINDLE BOOKS LIBRARY. You are welcome download books and read them and recommend them to your friends who are interested in Carmelite Spirituality. These books are cheap and affordable and some of them can be read free of charge if you are a member in Amazon online Kindle books. These books uploaded on AMAZON kindle version can be accessed through smart phones, IPad, Computers and other electronic devices globally in all the 5 continents. This is actually the new trend in publishing books as the hard copy of the books is practically becoming obsolete especially in Europe and Americas. Hence, this is a new venture in publishing books.
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The following homilies have been preached by Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Parish Priest at Guardian Angels Church, Vancouver Canada.The first three homilies are of his Lenten mission reflections in the parish.

The remaining are Sunday homilies which will be regularly uploaded. All our friends and well-wishers are most welcome to benefit from these reflections.

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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
Day 6B: Love
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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